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Please help, emergency: beta fish seems to be dying?

My beta fish has gotten progressively worse. I'm attaching a photo. These spots were not existent a week and a half ago, and a few days ago, there were only a few.

What are they?

My fish sort of just sits at the top of the water... he does swim, but he prefers to sit next to the heater or just gulp air from above.

It is a 2.5 gallon tank, divided by two. Temperature is 79-81. I test the ammonia yesterday (before changing half the water) and it was at 1.0mm/L. However it is a new tank so I believe this is inevitable.

I feel like I'm doing everything "right" and am failing! I'm not in a situation where I can get a larger thank (my university says the largest tank you can have is 2.5 gallons) but am tending to them each day, trying to lessen the affects of the tank... please help!

(The other one is just fine.)
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The spots might be color related because fish do sometimes change color as they age. But the lethargy is related to the cycling tank. Did you have a filter for the 2.5 that you are trying to cycle or did you want to do just big water changes?
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2.5g is fine for one betta but it is not fine for 2 and 1ppm ammonia is too high.

How often are you changing the water? I don't think you're going to have any luck keeping beneficial bacteria going in that set up, even in the off chance you have a filter, but for sure if you do not you need to be doing 100% changes every couple to three days. You could try doing 50% change and then 100% alternating, but definitely by the third day there needs to be 100% change for a setup like that. Since you have a test kit, test daily. Anytime you see a .25ppm ammonia you need to make a change. Ideally, you want to change before you see this much but with that setup it will be hard.
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