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Noob - bioload in 10g?

Hi All,

I'm doing my first tank. Ever. And I wanted a 10g planted community tank. I'm trying to get my tank and supplies now to get it cycled properly before adding the fish early March.

Ideally I would like: 1 male betta, 8 neon tetras, 6ish red cherry shrimp. But I am concerned that's too much bioload for a 10 gallon. Do I need to go up? And is there such a thing as a 15g horizontal tank? I can't do a 20g.

If I have to give up some wildlife: would switching the RCS to 1 or 2 mystery snails be a good swap? I thought I read somewhere that the snails are a bit poo-y.

I've chosen a bunch of nice hidey plants and a nice pc of Malaysian driftwood.

And my 4 year old son says: . He has no idea what that means but he's sitting on my lap and asked me to include it.

Thanks for any input! These forums have been my main research area!
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I wouldn't add 8 neons, for the sake of the bioload. (Actually I would, but that's because I'm a bad person and overstock, so don't do what I do). 8 neons wouldn't be much of an overstock, though.
If you can get hold of them, ember tetras can be a better alternative. They are more peaceful, slower and smaller (and have a smaller bioload) and get on really well with bettas. Some people have problems with nippy neons. You could easily have 8 embers. :)

You can have at least 10 shrimp, no problems, if you want them. :) Shrimp have the smallest bioload imaginable. I would always choose them over snails. You are right about snails being pooey.

Hope this helps. :)
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Thank you.

I'm leaning toward a 15 gallon. I want my tetras to be happy! (Whichever ones we end up with.) Actually, I'm flexible as to which shoaling fish we get. I figured the day we go to pick up our fish, whatever is in stock and looks healthy will be the determining factor.
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There is also a cute schooling fish, they are a type of catfish. That means they stay on bottom and your betta will have the top space, while they are in the bottom. The middle section of your tank can be a mingling area.

They need a a sand substrate, unlike the picture lol, but sand is actually cheaper if you get Play sand from a home improvement store it is like $5 for 50 lbs. The sand looks natural, if that is the look your going for. Also they need something to burrow under like driftwood so you are good. They don't root up plants either.
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Thank you!

Yes, even when you narrow it down to fish that like the same lighting, the same plants, the same temps - the choices are still mind-numbing. And they are all so pretty. Everytime I picture each kind in the tank I think "yeah, that's the one."

I'm hoping that the day we go to pick them up we'll see something and just fall in love.
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