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Good luck!
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2 Weeks old!

Number of fry seem to be right around 50! Haven't lost a fry yet that i know of, and only one even shows any hint of anything other than perfect health (SBD).

They are up to 1cm and you can see dorsal and anal fins with your naked eye. Some coloring seems to be showing up, as half of them are a dark color and the rest are very light (see parents- one red one black). They hang out at the sponge filter, i think there's something living in there that they like to eat.

Starting to see signs of aggression. I've watched them have slow moving staring contests, and even some nipping. Escalated even more today. I think i even saw a very tiny flare. Removed all plants except for the duckweed, and have made three 25% water changes to clean the bottom and attempt to fight back the BGA. Finally got the Nitrite down (it was .25 or so last week)

Now that they are getting so big, i don't think the brine shrimp are going to cover it much longer. Can i gut load the bbs to make them more meaty? Should i just switch foods? What do you recommend? I was thinking of getting some frozen daphnia. My selection of live foods are either getting more bbs or fruit flies, but i can get pretty much anything frozen or dry. Thought about getting either first bites or baby bites but they seem like just powder.

Was originally planning on just keeping them in the 10gal as their growout, but there's so many now that i have a more accurate count on them, should i move to a bigger tank (or tub)?

Anything else you can think of that will help me i would appreciate.

Here are some pics:

One of the lighter colored ones, with ruler for scale

Bunch of them with one of the snails

One of the dark colored ones.
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These are giants, right? Keep them in the 10g for now (keep up with the water changes). Soon some will outgrow others. You need to move these to a different tank with a ratio of 1fry per gallon until they're about 3cm. Then reduce to a ratio of 1 fry per 2g. (If you want to see growth). But you can grow them like regular bettas if you don't have anymore space/tanks.

Try feeding them wormy food (tubifex, bloodworms, etc) at least 3 times daily (more is better). Daphnia is good for them (right size) until they reach 1cm - it will develop their form more than their size. I'm not sure about pellets though.

They should grow like regulars for the first 3-4 weeks. After that you should see growth spurt.
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Like indjo say.
After the 4 week they will grow very fast.
Personally I didn't expect them to grow that fast.
My two month old giant was about the same size of a regular full grown betta.
Here a little advice.
Find some live culture.
To produce food for your fry.
Cause giant fry are like bottomless pit.
If u want to know how fast they grow check out my pix.
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yeah i had no idea they would get so big so fast. I called around all i can find live is blackworms.

they're putting on like 1 mm per day, i see some breathe air every now and then, little ventral fins under a magnifying glass. I raised the water level to 7", to try and give them more space to try and keep them from fighting so much. Didn't work. Don't want to raise the level too much now that they're breathing air occasionally.

Will probably order some kind of worm culture this week. They didn't seem interested in the bloodworm i gave them last night tho. it was kind of big for them. What worms are better? Micro, grindal, walter, bananna, white... my head is spinning.

There is still some live daphnia in the tank, but the damn things live in the condensation on the glass above the water line.

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No pet store carry live culture.
In a week u can feed them chop live tubflix.
If that's the only live food source you can get.
Good luck.
When my baby was a month 1/2 old.(16 of them)
They eat 3 oz of worm every week n 1/2
At 2 month 3 1/2 oz every and 1/2
You can say add 1/2 oz every other week
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3 Weeks old! There is now no fish showing any illness/ SBD/ or any kind of problems at all. Doing 25-30% water changes every day. On Sunday some of the bigger babies started showing red at the base of thier tails, Monday you could see it on Anal fins. It's on both the light and dark fry, but not on all of either color base. You can clearly see ventral fins now.

A couple days ago either the pond or mystery snails or both laid a couple clutches of eggs in there. I figured i'd leave them alone hoping maybe my fry would eat them, and they did begin snacking on them last night. They've eaten one clutch entirely, and must have a taste for snails as one of the pond snail's shell is now empty on the bottom, and there's no sign of the other 3.

Ordered some microworms, hoping they get here today or tomorrow. Still feeding bbs, experimenting on fattening some up.

Light color with the scale... 1.8cm.

Light color with red fins

Dark with red tail

Short vid:
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WOW they look amazing!! They look bigger than mine that are a month and a half old!!! lmao. How many are there?
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Nice looking fry. I love how everyone always has a big apple snail cruising around their grow-out tanks.

I use grindal worms with my 2 week old Betta strohi fry, but the grindals are bigger than microworms and more likely to be seen and eaten by larger fry.

Soil-less grindals are simple to culture. My population has exploded in a couple of days and provides ample food for my fry.
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at the size i'll feed them grindal.
they seem a little to big for microworm
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