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Originally Posted by Thomasdog View Post
thanks so mcuh for your help. We went to a tropical fish store and got some salt water, and put a little bit of very diluted water in her tank. We were told that the salt water would help kill the bacteria. She is also going off her food, which is making me very worried. I am posting some photos. Also, can you please simplify a few words you used?
-QT container
-what is treatment water, how can i prepare this?
-tannin source
-Tx water
-what kind of varied diet? How can I get her to eat... I think that it is a parasite. Posting photos now below.
QT container means quarantine, what you have her in now
Treatment water means the water that is mixed with the AQ salt and tannins
tannin source means something that releases humic acids. This source can be Indian Almond Leaves or oak leaves
Tx water also means treatment water
varied diet means a mixture of pellets and frozen and live foods. If she won't eat, though, a varied diet won't mean anything.

If you want to try a medication, try a product called API Furan-2. This will help treat the fuzziness.

Be sure you get her out of the ocean water and into dechlorinated tap water, as I advised in my PM. Good luck with Luna and I hope the API Furan-2 works.
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RIP Luna,
she died last night
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