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feeding month old fry

When fry get to be about a month old, what type of foods do you use?

How long can you keep using MWs?

Any tips for transitioning to dry foods?
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Oh, micro worms?

Originally Posted by Ana6 View Post
When fry get to be about a month old, what type of foods do you use?

How long can you keep using MWs?

Any tips for transitioning to dry foods?
For grow out we use a high protien pellet food over 36% any angelfish or discus food will work and we are now using a tadpole food for fry. they grow fast and food is cheap in 5lb and larger size. We do not use micro worms because of fin issues when we used micro worms and
HM and CT seemed to suffer from them. BB are better we think as far as grow out compared to loss. You will still get some loss with bb but the end result will be better. You should not feed only one type of food. Try to very your fish diet as much as you can for show quality fish. deep water is a must for good fin production and clean water is also a must.
We like to add some B vitamins to the water and also some C and D. D is needed and something overlooked some time. Remember to keep you food ash level as low as you can get. We like to give some live gut loaded food from time to time on our more hard to keep beta's just to keep them in good shape. But we only use pellets on our sale fish. Pellets are the way to go if your fish gets used to them they will go nuts for them and get fat quick. We some times go 2 or 3 days between feeding on adult fish to keep them feeding heavy. We feed 3 times a day. We feed our fry 5 times a day. We do use bb and now a frog food. We might go to only frog food if the size is good on the 20 test batches we have going now. But micro worms are not a good bet for us. Let me know what worked good for you. this is always a fun topic in Thailand to see what the new food is....It changes like under ware.......uhhhhhhh
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betta lover1507
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i have 1 fry that is 2 months old really small so i be feeding them BBS or HBH baby bites it is the matter of the size of the fries
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If fry are very very small at 2 months of age something went wrong? Either temp or food. If temps are to low then fry grow very slow if not moist enough the fry do not develop well. We keep the breeders covered for the first few weeks and open only to feed and that is a small hole in the top of the cover. Remember there is always a few fry that just do not grow well. I cull the slow growers as we know for fact they do not become breeding quality for us. We keep the fry in 80 to 90* water with good results. Over 90 and O2 can become a issue as the algae get a little out of hand by that point and we will do a water change. Water change on fry tanks are always with in 5* +or - and never 10 or 20*. Fry will drop dead fast is big changes are made. Slow and steady to get nice fry. Feed feed feed feed. Enjoy the fruit of your good fish keep skill. Then give a few cull fish to local friends to add to there tank and enjoy a fish that might not have been around if not culled form the others.
Above all - keep good notes! Follow good house keeping and feed quality foods. Try and get around the 3 rules of the fish gods and your hobby might not be off to a good start.
P.S. can you send me a photo of the small fry so I can see the size and give you some ideas? Thanks betta lover1507
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