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Kaltxì ma aysmukan ulte aysmuke. That's Na'vi for "Hello brothers and sisters" and I used that because I'm a total Avatard. I spent a while on another site learning a little about the Na'vi language. It's actually a very cool language that's constantly growing as I learn it. My username, Txantstew, means "Hero" in Na'vi and I chose it because I like to get sympathy purchases from stores and restore bettas back to full health until their time of death.

My first betta is named Tsamopinä Tsmukan which means Brother of War Paint in Na'vi. This name was chosen because he's a multicolor CT that's red, blue, and somewhat orange. These colors reminded me of war paint. It's in Na'vi because, well, I'm an Avatard.

The second is a very young betta that appears to be about 2 months old, but I'm not sure since I'm newer to betta keeping. I don't think it's possible to tell what sex it is yet. The cup at Petco labeled it as a Female VT, but I think that it might be a Male PK. I'll post a picture later and see if it's possible for anyone to tell if it's a VT or PK.

The third was purchased today at Petco, and he's very ill with SBD. At the moment, I'm not sure what it's caused by since he doesn't appear to be bloated as if he's constipated. I'll fast him for about 3 days and see if that's going to make a difference for him and if it doesn't I'll try feeding him a pea out of the shell. If that doesn't work, then I'm not sure what to do. He was the only one that was sick at Petco and due to my experience I wasn't going to get him, but the employee saw me looking at him and offered him to me for a discount. I didn't think that they would get to treating him so I decided to take him and attempt to restore him to health. I'll name him Syayvi which translates to Luck, once again, it's Na'vi because I'm an Avatard.

Before anyone gets into a rant about Petco, the one over here is excellent, but every once in a great while one slips their view and gets sick. I've walked into the store to find the employees treating ill bettas at the giant table they have in the fish section. I'm not accussing anyone of blowing up about Petco, but in case someone wants to rant a little, I wanted to let them know that this particular store isn't horrible. I didn't think that they'd get to him because he's one betta and they offered him to me which means that they weren't showing an interest in his health at the moment.
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Welcome to the forum and to the wonderful world of Betta glad you found us and joined our Betta keeping community.....

Look forward to hearing more about your Betta adventures....

I would post your Betta health issue in the disease section if you haven't already and you will get more response
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Hello and welcome to the forum.
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