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Ich question

We just got Shark 1 week ago and he's doing great--eating well, swimming a lot, even started blowing small bubble nests! BUT!! Tonight I noticed one single small white spot on his right pectoral fin. I stared at him for a long time and don't see any other spots at all. Is it possible that he has ich with just one spot like this? Or could it be something else? I don't want to stress him out by treating something unnecessarily but don't want to miss a chance at solving a potential problem early so I'm sort of stuck.

As Shakespeare would say...To treat or not to treat, that is the question! ;) Any advice for this new betta owner?

He's alone in a 6.6 gal filtered, heated tank with clean water (not tested but doing 50% changes every 4 days) and silk plants.

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I would just keep a close eye on him for awhile before you start medication. Is he showing any other symptoms? Mine currently has Ich and he is darting and acting lethargic, and hardly eating. I heard that aquarium salt helps with Ich and is probably better than starting any medication since you are not for sure about the ICH
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Watch him carefully. I wouldn't do anything with one dot necessarily but if it doesn't go away on its own or starts to spread you may need to treat. Does this dot look like salt? If you need to treat, 1 tsp per gallon aquarium salt and increasing temp between 80-82 does wonders.

You really need to be testing a tank that is uncycled. I think there are some good guides around here somewhere on how to cycle with the fish in.
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Thanks for replies. I will keep a close eye on him. He seems to be acting no differently than the day we got him. The spot is very small--grain of salt or sand--and I still don't see any other spots. I have read about increasing temp & adding aquarium salt so if things progress or I notice anything change, I will take that step. I am using Oldfishlady's advice on fish-in cycling and I may take some water to the store to be tested to be extra careful but I don't think that's a problem with this size tank and a single fish.

If anyone else has other ideas/input, let me know!
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