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Please help me?

I currently own a betta and he is in a one gallon tank
I know he shouldn't be in there, but I was feeling lonely when I moved to this new state and needed a friend. I convinced my Mom to buy me my fish; his name is Miguel de Cervantes. My Mom couldn't afford much, so I found a one-gallon bowl for $5.
Ever since I got him, I wanted to save up money to buy him a proper tank.

I only have $40 and would like to spend it on him- my closest friend, here (I do have a lot of friends, but I have known him the longest, lol).
I have been searching for hours to find the most affordable living environment for my poor Miguel.
I finally decided that a 5.5 gallon tank was the best thing in my price range (beats a 1 gallon, right?). It says it has a "heating lamp" and I don't know if that means it replaces the need for a heater or what?

But I also saw a $13 10 gallon bare glass tank. I would be much happier getting that for him, but it has no hood or filter or anything. It will cost more than I have to get the tank a hood. I am wondering if I could just get the filter and heater and light without getting it a hood. Probably not a good idea because dust can settle on the top of the water and whatnot...

I just really need help on deciding what is best for my little guy.
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I woudl reccomend just going to a local petstore and looking for a tank that would suit him. that way you could ask questions and such! Good luck!!
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If you are limited at this point, funds wise, and still want to help him here is a suggestion.. something I do since I have multiple bettas and not willing to spend hundreds on each tank lol..

(btw, a 1 gallon is suitable home as long as the weekly water changes are made and the temp is correct)

Petco- Kritter Keeper
It doesn't look like much- but it can be. For about 10$, a little over 3 gallons you can get the large one. They are safe to heat and plenty of room to decorate. It doesn't look clear in the picture, but they are- I have a few of them myself.

You get one of those, a 15-25 watt heater, a desk lamp (40 watt bulb is what I recommend, as it won't affect the temp of the water, nor will it melt the hard plastic lid). All of that should be less then $40, the lamps you can get for under 10$ at Walmarts, heaters under 25$.

For substrate and deco, check around craft stores before going into specialty stores, or even Walmart- you can get the glass rocks much cheaper at smaller stores. Big Lots has some in the candle aisle for only a couple dollars, and you get twice as many as the small bags at pet stores.

As far as your heat lamp question goes.. it's not a heater and won't work as a heater for the tank, so you will have to buy a heater appropriate for the gallons, roughly 25watt. Some people seem to have problems with the filter, being messy/loud.

Here is one you can order from Walmart, has almost 200 reviews and the reviews are good.. and cheaper then the other- if you order it online it may come out the same.. but it's an option. Hawkeye 5 gal
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Originally Posted by Thomasdog View Post
I woudl reccomend just going to a local petstore and looking for a tank that would suit him. that way you could ask questions and such! Good luck!!
I already responded on your newer post, but I would not ask a pet store, they would tell you to put him in a tiny bowl, lmfao. They tend to not be very knowledgeable.
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I have one in a critter keeper that's right around 3g that's a pretty nice home, but i also keep one of mine in a 1g and she's happy as a clam in there. She's a special case tho, she's only happy in small tanks, and her brother is happiest in the 20g that she hated.

There's the mini bow/ Betta bow 2.5 from Aqueon. you can get it right around 30 with free shipping and it comes with some food and conditioner. Throw the divider out.

Gravel & decorative rocks i've seen at the dollar store. I've recently moved to using sand, simple play sand that was like $4 for a 50lb bag.
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I have also responded in your other post. +1 on not asking in petshops. They will frequently say anything to make a sale, unless you are lucky enough to strike gold and get a really knowleagable sales assistant.
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They have nice acrylic 3 gallons at Walmart. They come with a filter and light. It's about $30.
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