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a few questions

Hi! I recently bought a Betta fish on Sunday. He is my first Betta and I just had a few questions!

1. I got a 3 gal tank with an undergravel filter and air pump that he seems to hate. Is it okay to take it out and use nothing?

2. How often should I do water changes? Should I do 100% ones or would just doing half be fine?

3. Sometimes he seems to hang out on the plants in the tank. He just sits there for a little bit then swims away. Is this normal?

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yup! it's perfectly fine to not use a filter or an air bubbler. bettas use their labyrinth organ to breath air like us and their gills! and you can just do water changes in stead of a filter. and i would suggest doing both 50% and 100% during the week. one of each. but thats just what i would do. and its fine that he sits in the plants. they like to hide, do you have a cave for him? if not a coffee mug or clay pots work great! just make sure they're cleaned really well with hot water and no soap!
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Welcome to the forum....

Filters are optional with this species IMO....if he doesn't like the water movement...I would remove it....

In a 3gal unfiltered tank without live plants...twice weekly water changes....1-50% and 1-100% should maintain water quality....

The behavior-sound normal to me-this is a surface dwelling species and bubble nest builder-generally the males stake a territory and guard it-build a nest and wait for a passing female to spawn with.
With the long heavy fin males-some-not all-tend to stay more in one location, resiting on leaves-going out and about on occasion to hunt and monitor their territory-this behavior can vary-some males are more active than others especially the younger males or males that can see other fish.

But to be sure-
What is the water temp, appetite and type of additives used....

Love to see pics.....
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