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sick betta

So my tanks are doing perfect. Everything as far as those is fine and perfectly dandy. But I went out and bought a new male Betta. He looked perfect at the lfs. Who's had come highly recommended by everyone in my area. (hilltop aquarium in Torrington ct for anyone in the area) she's a little old lady who's been in business for over forty years. Has the healthiest fish Iv seen in a store. I bought this Betta from her, which she actually recommended to me. I put him into my tank that night and all seemed fine, fed him some blood worms and he gobbled them all up. Spit a few back up though :/ welt te next day, he didn't really look too good, spends most his time at the top of the tank secluded or at the bottom of the tank doing nothing. I looked dt him closer after taking him out and putting him in a jar just incasw something Is indeed wrong, his tail looks almost like it has some kind of a fungus or rot or soemthing on it, and near his gills kind of have a blacker look to them. I'm really worried as I do like him and the fact that he was actually in my tank... I'll post pix tomorrow or if I get some replys tonight I might get out of bed and take a few for y'all.

heres the pix, its hard to see the fin bit, as its as though its just starting. but over night the black spotches have turned to white, not ich kind of spots but big spotches, i looked, and its even underneath his head also.
as far as othher fish in the tank, none of them were effected, i actually had him in a little breeding holder thing so that i could see how things would be between him and the female betta i got, also to see what my Serpae Tetra would do with him, as i suspect that he had a hand in the demise of my last betta. but like i said, he did perfectly fine the first night, i didnt notice any splotchs on him, no fin issues, nothing. everything started the second day.
he did not open his fins up at all near the female...

as far as the rest of my fish, they all seem fine. only thing i can see wrong with any of them, is that my female betta that i perchased the same time as my male, shes yellow and seems to have a slight blackness to a few of her body scales but she acts perfectly normal, ill post pix of her in a few.
fish list: 55 gallon planted
2 Clown Pleco
2 weather loach
3 albino cory
1 otto cat
1 neon tetra
1 serpae tetra
5 or 6 guppies
1 red tailed shark
1 female betta
i have my 15 gallon that i would relocate the betta to if there was a issue with the red tail or tetras, as i have in the past had issues, and then also had no issues, i feel like as big as a tank that this is, there shouldnt be too much issue between them all.
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The coloration may be him stressing.. but keep an eye on it to see if it spreads. As far as the fins.. the white tips on the ventral fins are normal as most have them.. I don't see any other white cottony puffs on the others. The tail looks to have blackened edges, but hard to tell in the one picture. If it is fin rot, he would of most likely had it prior to you bringing him home. The only concern is the coloration of his body closer to his head, where it's a different color then his body- but only in the second picture. Again, could be stress related as he was just placed in a really big tank, his tail would feel heavy at first, a lot of male bettas don't appreciate other fish, and (if this is the case) there is a female loose in there who is just as much of a fighter as another male. I recommend placing him in the other tank (depending upon what is in there, fish wise) or a 2-5 gallon tank by himself to see how he is.
A store could be reputable, but even then they are normally getting their fish from mass breeders, so they, or you, can never be sure what you are getting health wise.

If the female is in the same tank he is in, and there is no divider, that may be why he is on the bottom or top only, stressing out. Under no circumstances should a male and female be placed in the same tank unless you are breeding and have done the research, have conditioned them and introduced them properly.
Even in a 55 gallon planted, they will find each other and at some point fight to where one (or both) will be severely hurt or dead.

As for the black edges on the female- that is natural and normal, bettas often change as they age.

Another concern is the red tail shark- They are aggressive chasers and once it gets to be a little bigger, roughly 6 inches or less, he will chase the other fish to death. They are very territorial (as are bettas), so that will also come into play. If it is only a couple of inches long then it is safe for the time being, but keep in mind you will either have to rehome all the other fish in that tank, or rehome the shark with other semi-aggressive fish which is what they require.

Ottos are best in groups of 4+, a single one tend to be more shy and not as "happy". As well as the tetras, they are schooling fish and require 6+ for each of them to give them a chance to be healthy and active. A single fish that requires a school will be stressed and in time can cause health issues.

A large tank doesn't take away problems.. just makes it easier for one to escape another at times. It's best to make it so there are no problems to begin with, honestly as all it takes is for one to swim next to another and something happens.

Not trying to harp on you, just giving you advice and my experience and knowledge of tropical fish keeping over the last two decades :)

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask!

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i posted the top part at night from my phone, its not white on the fins. i should have noticed i said that when i reposted. stupid phone autocorrects even the right words and makes me say stupid stuff. i called my girlfriend someone elses name the other day because of it... wasnt a fun experience hahahah. anyways, im just really worried about that color loss and his behavior. i have him in a small like 2.5 gallon tank at the moment, and hes just doing worse and worse. i should have taken better pix of the coloration loss but he was hard to get pix of as my cameras not all that great. he and the female were both seperated at the start, they were right next to each other which is definatly not a good thing but i couldnt really get them away from each other and also in the 55 with out letting them roam. the other tank is holding about 5 or 6 newly born guppys :/ which is my worry that hell eat them. also a albino bristle nose and a baby kuhli loach. i was worried the kuhli would look like a worm and the fry would look like french frys hahaha. i called the lady back, shes convinced he doesnt like my water... she said if he dies shell take him back. im pissed, i should have gotten the white dt she had instead of him. i didnt feel too impressed by this one when i got it but my brother insisted on this one.
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Hehe.. I took off auto correct on my phone as it just drove me nuts!

Go ahead and keep him in the 2.5, add in a few decorations and see how he does.
It may be something as simple as how you introduced him to the new water. If you don't take out some of the water from the cup and add in water from the tank once or twice while floating to acclimate temp, it risks putting them into os shock from chemistry change.

Keep him warm (76-82*F), make sure you have water conditioner in the 2.5, and some decorations for him to hide in and wait him out at this point. It's sounding more like shock then anything else with his behavior, and loss of coloration. There is no medication or salt that will turn things around. All you can do is give him a clean, safe place for him to feel secure.

His attempt at eating is a good sign, don't confuse him not eating as being a bad sign.. sometimes it takes a week for a betta to eat when they are brought home at first. But the attempt means he is interested and he was healthy enough to have an appetite, but may of just been too stressed to actually eat.

I hope he makes it, because in time I'm sure you'll grow to love him.. but if not, return and make sure you get one that you fall for on your own. Just make sure you have a separate tank for him as the 55 and the 15 isn't set up for him at this point. But he will be absolutely fine in the 2.5 without a filter for as long as you want, or until the babies grow up :)
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ughhh i just feel so bad, this isnt even a actaul tank, its a type of tuperware thing. and im having somewhat difficulty keeping him warm, the tanks in the high 60s right now X( i dont have another heater but i was so worrried about him being diaseased i didnt want the rest of my fish being aqquainted to him. could it be alright for retry at the 55? this time actually leting him into the big scene? maybe then he could sit his self in a little spot and learn to like it? i feel so horrible because i dont have an actual heater to his tank. hes siting by my heater right now and i feel like the night time mihgt not be all too good for him. i might put him into the breeding holder inside of the 15g instead of the 55 this time? i have much more floating plants in the 15... i wish the old lady would have said shed take him back alive... i feel horrible right now. im definatly going to go out and buy a nice actual tank next week with my paycheck. one that comes with a damn heater. i had a extra that my dad had back in the day but it was shot.
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If you have a breeder holder or a tupperware container you can jimmy/tape to the side (inside) the tank to keep him warm that will work, he will be fine in that (make sure to cover the top as they are great jumpers). You can place it in the 15 gallon and keep him there to keep him warm to see how he does. Him seeing the babies will be less stressful then seeing the other larger fish while he gets used to life outside the cup. If the 55 has the female in it, that won't be safe for him, and you may wake up with one or both badly hurt or dead from fighting.

The high 60s won't kill him, nor damage him if he is in there for a week or two.. keep him close to the heater with a towel draped around the container (leaving the top or a side open to give him some light during the day.. total darkness 24/7 is stressful.. and that will help keep him warm if that is all you have to place him in at this time.
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