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Question Is my Ghost Shrimp Eating Enough?

I am concerned that Gordy, our ghost shrimp, may not be getting enough to eat. It is difficult to monitor his food intake.

Background Info: Our betta, Holden, eats 6 Betta Pellets spread out between 2-3 feedings a day(2-3 pellets a feeding). Even though there are many opinions on how much to feed a betta...I'm sure Holden eats plenty. During Holden's last feeding of the day, I try to give Gordy (the shrimp) at least one pellet. I do this by putting my hand in the tank and dropping the pellet directly to him. Lately, Holden (the betta) has been muscling his way between the pellet and my hand and snatching it away from Gordy (the shrimp).

Tank info: The tank is heated (78), filtered and heavily planted with anacharis in a gravel substrate. (Gordy climbs and grazes on the anacharis during the day.) It is 2.5 gallons and receives 2-3 30-50% water changes a week. (Holden and Gordy are usually very respectful of each others "space" just not during mealtime)


Should I separate them to feed them?

Holden (betta) is usually very good about eating all of his pellets, but every day or two he will drop one and I can't see them in the gravel (same color as food). Will Gordy (shrimp) find it?

Will Gordy's grazing on the algae, microorganisms on the anacharis and the plant itself along with any dropped food be enough to sustain him?

Should I buy Gordy algae wafers?
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If you can see food in his body, then he should be fine. I make sure to sink a couple pellets every other day and drop sinking shrimp pellets a couple times a week. Mine feed on algae, dead plant matter, and spare food. They'll even swim to the surface to grab a betta pellets. My girls try to steal their food, but they're brave little shrimp and refuse to let go!

If you think he's not getting enough, cupping him may work, though. I'm not sure how easily a shrimp would get stressed, someone else may know.
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