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Smile Not important but I have a question!

I went to petsmart today to bye a moss ball. I got one ( they had almost 50 all over the store in jars! I was very surprised) and wondering a few things about it.

I hit were they had the bettas (how can I not?) and there was a nice colored boy there. I can tell he is skinny and has some type of fin rot but he also had a crook in his back? it is like his spine decided to go into a strange angle in the middle. very odd. I almost want to get him but I don't know... I have three already and I don't change there water like I should. I guess I'm to lazy or something. I will so start to do it more though!


1 Basic moss ball care for the first day?

2 What is wrong with the betta?

3 If I do get him, will that be a good idea? (I like saving bettas but no all have been sucssesful...)

4 Should I get him? (I have a 1 gallon I was saving for my mossball but I can have it for him, I also hate the thought of him dying in that cup because no one will bye him because of his back...)
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For the moss ball, just remove it from the water in the petstore, rinse it in clean water, squeeze it out, and place it in clean water. QT it for a week or two before putting it in with your fish.

Looks like that poor guy was either born with a deformity, or got injured and it healed funky. I wouldn't buy him, I'm against buying sick or injured animals from the petsotres, it's just encouraging them to do the same things. Also, I'm not sure how great his quality of life would be... If you insist on getting him, I'd bring him to an employee and ask to have him for free since he might not make it anyways. However, if you already struggle to keep up with your water changes, please don't get a new fish. A one gallon would require multiple water changes a week, so that's quite a bit of work. I know it's hard seeing animals in such bad shape, but we can't help them all. Hopefully education will break into pet stores eventually, and we won't have to see things like this!
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The moss ball doesn't need a tank of his own, since they don't swim or move on their own.. they are just a rolled up ball of algae, and would need some source of nutrients. Just every so often rinse it off and roll it in your hand to keep it's shape.

As for the little guy, as mentioned above it could be from a birth defect, injury and a lot of times the spine may curve due to improper nutrition, and a very very low risk of aquatic TB- but there would be more signs to it other then just a curved spine.

One of the realities of fish/betta keeping is that you can't save every one you see who is in need. If you can't keep up on the water changes with the ones you have, adding in another is just added work for you. Real life happens, and we get busy- it's understandable, so we have to make sure we can fit the animals we bring into our homes, into our lives. We're responsible for them so if you aren't truly wanting to take on another betta right now, then I wouldn't, as you could possibly resent the guy because of the added work once he isn't so little and pitiful.
Think hard on it- since you don't know what he has, you don't know whether or not he will need special care (whether or not he can actually swim in a 1 gallon), or whether or not he will pull through.
Sadly, sometimes we just have to walk away from most of them as having too many can be just as harmful (individuals have their limits).

I type this while debating on going out today to look for a new fish since my last new one was stolen from me *glares at bf*.
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Thank you both. I did that to my moss ball and I might devied it into two so I can have it in my fish tanks. I got the one gallon last weekend and have to put somthing in it. :3 I liked moss balls and there easy so, why not?

I understand about I shouldn't. I guess I wanted someone to tell me no. I will keep up with my changes (starting today!!!) and see were it goes from there. I was really wondering about that boy I saw, he looked like my poni being so skinny and all. He also had amazing color. Poor bettas... only if we could save them all...

When I was at the store someone bought a one gallon with a divider for two big fish! I don't understand why pet stores or people try to learn before they do stuff.
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