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my betta nemo...

I'm a preeschool teacher i purchased a betta for a classroom pet my kids absolutely love him already. today Nemo had the worse day ever.
first one of my students tripped and knocked his bowl over... thank gos for my quick reflects .. i picked up his bowl and but my bottled water in his bowl.. since its friday i brang him home and i forgot him in my car and the weather is pretty cold out here in new york at the time and when i remembered about him... he was like frozen so .. i thought he was dead but then i saw him stuggelying to breath so boiled a biton water and mixed it with my bottled water and put him in it ... he went crazy like he was so relieved that he could breath i think if i would have keept him out there longer he would have died...

i feel like a bad betta mom.. i just want to know if hes going to be ok.. because hes just "there" hes not doing a bunch of movement.... but he really doesnt anyway hes kinda boring but i love him .. he makes a great pet.. but he had the worse day ever today....

i just want to know if you have any suggestions.. to let me know or to reassure me that he is ok....

thank you yesenia
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Welcome to, Yesenia.

First of all, I'd like to point out the mistake about trying to use boiling water. In doing so, the body system of the betta is severely damaged from the shock by the sudden increase in the temperature. I would not recommend this. If ever it happens again, please adjust the temperature gradually. A heater can be used to accomplish this.

Someone has recommended this treatment. It will be recommended you treat the betta with a full dose of methylene blue in a 3 gallons bowl and doing 100% daily water changes to fight off any possible secondary infection from the severe body shock. An aquarium heater is needed to keep the temperature constant. Put it at 80-82 degrees Fahrenheit.

I would recommend providing the betta plenty of hiding places, filter and heater. These are pretty basic when keeping bettas.
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