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hi! I am going to get a API master water test kit at petsmart ASAP. The kit includes a ammoina, Ph, high range PH, nitrite, nitrate and thats about it. Can someone tell me what the safe ranges of chemical levels are? I think the PH is supposed to remain at a 6.8-7.0 but thats about it. I mainly put this in the emergency section because i think the ammonia is dangerously high. My two betta fish live in a separated, heated and filtered ten gallon.

Today I realized also that my betta fish Aqua's fins (the ones on the side that flutter really fast and are usually clear and are the smallest ones) were clamped and not spread out and round like hey used to be. my other betta fish, Rainbow looked normal so i don't think it was the filter or heater. Can someone tell me if that will go away? I will try to get pics up if needed.

Any input here is fine!!!
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Ammonia: As close to 0 as possible. 0.5ppm is stressful for them and anything above 1.0 with extended exposure is harmful.

Nitrite: As close to 0 as possible. 0.5ppm is stressful for them and anything above 1.0 with extended exposure is harmful.

Nitrate: Anywhere between 0-40ppm is safe. Anything higher is stressful.

pH: Bettas can handle a wide range of pH levels, the important thing is STABILITY, which is measured in KH/Alkalinity.

The guide in my signature for Water Chemistry will help out in detail
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Just wanted to add, some tap water has ammonia in it - mine does and it always reads .25

it will still show up on the API ammonia test even if your water conditioner turns it into ammonium? or whatever it convents the ammonia too.

your fish will unclamp his fins once whatever is bothering him is eliminiated.
Did you just out them together? And the other fish is fine? He may be stressed out from being in a divided tank. Can they easily see each other?
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