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Similiar mishaps

Originally Posted by Arashi Takamine View Post
You never answered my question. When you introduced him to the tank did you slowly introduce him to the water adding a little to his cup of the new water and adjusting him over an hour or did you just plop him in? The shock of the params may have killed him if that happened if not..He could have been ill in the petshop.


I seem to have experienced what you are describing to this user. I wanted a betta badly, and bought the cheapest set up I could find for my office desk. This consists of 1- 1/2 gal tank, lg gems stones, glass rock pebbles, 1 - thermometer, strand of sm plastic plants. I put all of the stuff together and squirted about 7-8 small drops of conditioner into the water, and then I let it sit for about an hour to allow the temperature to drop within the designated "safe" zone on the thermometer. After seeing that the temp was within the 70's, I placed the betta into the tank with his water. He did some "dancing" up and down and seemed to be okay after a moment, and then he would "dance" again, and go to the surface for some air, and then he settled down. Now, he is dead. Did I shock him? If so, how can I set up this tank the right way, and if that is in another thread, where can I find those directions? Please help me. I want to learn about fish, and have my aquariums. However, if I cannot setup and take care of a betta, then I'm afraid to attempt anything else.

Thank you,

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Lol Wanna Scuba, id you just hijack the thread?

you probably needed to acclimate him. Also 7-8 drop might not have gotten rid of all the chlorine and chloromine. what kind of water conditioner do you have. does i only get rid of chlorine? the dancing kind of sounds like chlorine poisoning. Otherwise since you seemed to have poured the betta right in, the rapid transition from "room temperature water" to 78F probably shocked him.
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Thank you for responding.

I thought that by letting the water sit for some time would allow the two water temperatures to match each other. I have a 1.69 oz bottle of BettaSafe by Tetra. It is a water conditioner that says it will make the tap water safe in seconds. It claims that I only need 7 drops per gallon of water. I used small drops and about 7-8 of them. I experimented over the trash can and I can make large drops to. The label has a circle that says "Maintenance" in it. Did I buy the wrong stuff?
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