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Food: NLS Betta forumla vs NLS small fish formula.

I have used New Life Spectrum (NLS) Betta formula for a while now to feed my Betta. On my last trip to petco I picked up a jar of NLS small fish formula for my 10 gallon planted tank. I noticed that the small fish formula had a higher percentage protein than the betta formula. Protein I was told, is one of the most important factors in choosing food. Has anyone fed their bettas small fish formula over betta formula?
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i use the following NLS formulas:

small fish formula .. is very very very very very very tiny vs. the betta fish formula .. i don't feed this to my grown bettas since it seems they just swallow it whole without chewing it .. and sometimes they don't see it and ignore the tiny food and respond better to the betta formula sized pellets .. though the small fish formula is tiny enough that i can probably feed to 6-7 wk old fry

betta fish formula .. is my go-to food .. when i'm in a rush and they need a feeding .. and i don't have time to prepare their frozen worms .. i drop this in one pellet at a time so i know all food is finished =)

thera+a (garlic) small fish formula .. my bettas go nuts for this .. must be the garlic lol.. i feed once a week as an anti-parasitic prevention food since it has allicin in it and it's non-medicated which is good =) .. also i feed this to my picky eaters so i don't have to do the garlic soak ritual .. and then ween them off of this and they are more accepting for nls betta formula ..

personally i wouldn't completely feed one formula over another .. i'd feed both formulas in conjunction with each other .. as long as your betta eats it and accepts it then it's all good =D
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I use both NLS small fish formula and the betta formula. After what Hatsune Miku said of garlic formula for prevention, I'll try that weekly as well. I do trade off between the 2 formula and I feed frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp about every 2 days. My bettas don't seem to have difficulty w/ small fish size although they might be swallowing whole...I'll monitor more closely now.
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NLS small fish formula is very small compared to the betta formula... so my betta usually ignores it.

I used to feed my betta the nls betta formula... but now I feed thera-a regular on a daily basis. It's the same size as betta formula ( 1mm )
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