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"Diet: In the wild, they feed off of mosquito larvae, mosquitos, other insects and their larvae, daphnia, and worms. In the home aquaria many bettas won’t eat flake food. If you choose to try offering flakes, please be sure they are specifically betta flakes and not tropical flakes. Tropical flake food does not provide the proper nutrition for a betta. Meaty foods should be their staple diet. Vegetables should be avoided. Peas are sometimes suggested for bettas, please don’t. A betta’s digestive tract is not designed to handle that kind of roughage in their diet, thus the reason it acts like a laxative. Feeding peas to a betta can severely damage their digestive tract and lead to permanent damage and early death.
-Tank Region: All over, but mainly the Top."

I don't think you're supposed to feed bettas peas....
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She looks lovely and by the sounds of things you are taking great care of her too....and what an awesome female to have...she would make a great breeder since she has good instincts......anyways...feeding a Pea on occasion will not harm Bettas, however, they should not be used as part of the staple diet due to absorption issue and limited nutrition-in the wild they eat a lot more veggie matter than you think- in the gut of the critters they eat "you are what you eat" it will not hurt the digestive tract..

As long as she consumes the flake food as soon as it hits the surface she should be getting all the nutrients from the flake food so not to worry on is a good idea to offer a good quality varied diet as a general rule...pellets, flakes, freeze dried, frozen and live......
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sorry, thx OFL
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