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EMERGENCY: Fin rot over night!

Both of fish appear to have rotting top fins.

It's a 2.5 gallon tank.

Changed three times a week.

Stable 80 degrees temperature.

I put Kent Pro-Ammonia detox and Complete water conditioner in the water.

They were fine two days ago?

EDIT: I changed the water last night. I did an ammonia test and there's .5 mg/L and that's probably a false reading for the other chemical....

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Looks like fin biting. Are they in view of each other? You may want to try and block their view of each other as much as possible as some bettas are too aggressive to be housed near other bettas (They'll take it out on themselves if they can't get to one another).

Rot is characterized by blackened edges slowly dissolving away. Biting is chunks disappearing in mouth shaped bits fairly quickly.

Keep the water cleaner while they heal and feed a higher protein diet.
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Are they in a 5 gallon or a 2.5 gallon tank?

It looks like finbiting to me, which is typically caused by stress, boredom etc. If they've just been put into a divided tank, it's actually not uncommon for there to be excessive flaring/ blowing of tails/ fin biting, etc for the first few weeks, especially if their line of sight isn't broken up by decor and plants.
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