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True, you can make economic considerations, or you can make convenience decisions. I have Tetra AquaSafe Plus, which is 0.5 mL per gallon which is roughly equal to 2.5 'drops'. A drop is hard to define of course, but from what I've seen 5 drops = 1 mL at least with water.

It was on sale, and is cheaper than Prime to begin with so for me it was the better choice =)

For small tanks though, I'd rather buy a small bottle with a built in dropper for convenience. Then buy a larger bottle to refill the smaller as needed. I use Flourish for my plant fertalizer and had to get a 1 mL syringe to dose out the 1.66 mL out of the 500 mL bottle hehe.
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I looked through my guinea pig supplies and found a brand new syringe dropper that measures in ML so I'm going to use that to make things easier for me!

Thanks Myates for posting the link with the info about the conditioners. Good stuff to know.

I picked up some Jungle Start Right while I was out last night since I was running out of the Aqua Safe. I read to be sure it gets rid of chlorine, chloramine, and heavy metals. It uses .5 ML per gallon. I will still definitely look into getting some Prime in the future though and do some price comparisons.

I was going to get a water testing kit while I was there but Wally World didn't have any left in stock so I will get one next time so I can test my tap.

This site is so helpful with everything, I'm so glad I found it.
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The best test kit for the money, in my opinion at least ;), is the API Master Test Kit. It is a liquid test, which tend to be more accurate than the strip tests (they can absorb water from the air).

They are $25 off Local stores typically are $32-$35. I'm not sure if Walmart carries it or not, where I live there are no super walmarts only small ones that just have cat/dog pet sections.
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