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View Poll Results: MALE FOR FEMALE??????
MALE! 15 83.33%
FEMALE 3 16.67%
rare! 0 0%
undecided!!!! 1 5.56%
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Old 02-07-2012, 10:50 PM   #11 
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From the ventrals, I would say male. An egg spot isn't a sure-fire way to tell gender, even on the older fish - one of my males who's a little over a year old has an egg spot and yet has fathered a spawn.

Also, I would never, ever put two betta's together if you're not sure of the gender, and sometimes not even then. You're lucky your crowntail is passive - he could have easily hurt your white one even if it is a girl (almost lost a female this way once - was trying to breed her with a male and he just ripped her up. Can't even imagine what would have happened if she was a male! x.x) You even have to be wary about having a small amount of females together - one girl will be more dominant than the other and will pick on her.
Anyways, just a little side track. Not trying to be mean, I'm just saying that that's probably not the best idea, even if your crowntail didn't do anything to the other fish.
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so what the sure fire way to make sure she is a female or male i could try the put her in a vase too see if she blows a bubble nest but i currently have 2 males in vases and they have nver blown a bubble nest.... and dont worrie about being mean i need your peoples help im new to betta keeping like how to do it right but i just currently lost my job and its hard to get new tanks and stuff but yeah i have 2 kinda older dangon betta well this one is frickin huge but deff female looks like she was kept in like a 50 gallon er sumthing cause shes just big not like bloated or dropsy but just big ill try and take pics of her and 2 younger female not even an inch long but for sure a female cause fins and ventricals alll smaller maybe my male craowntail is just passive... but i also watched them chase eachother around and it looked like she just got stressed out cause it was unwanted fins maybe and she layed in my shot glass thats plastic colorful and she just would breath heavily and like when he would go by her he would like not even wannt fight but looks like he wants her attention like he gose to her flares his gills swimms away then will like spread all his fins flare do some weird lil flutter thing with his tail in her face now whats that mean im not sure i have a hard time finding places on fish/betta maily betta behavoir im not sure how she should act or even him at some point but i thought maybe since they were both all close to eachothers face without flaring and flutting their tails at one another maily like in eacothers faces and like on eachothers tails idk i dont have a spawn tanks on these

10gallon- drangon/dark, dragon/lighter, baby white/opaque, baby white speckel unknown female/male beautiful white/opaque idk, and chinese alge eater
1.5gallon tetra- crowntail
vases-males veilstails i think not sure
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Old 02-11-2012, 05:51 PM   #14 
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Bubble nests are never a good way to tell gender. Some girls blow them too, and some males never blow them. The only sure fire ways is to get him/her to flare and to check their ventrals.

When flaring, males will tend to flare sideways and turn their head in order to look bigger. Females tend to flare head on and face the mirror. The length of the ventrals suggests that he is a male
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I say male. Males can have egg spots too. He looks like a male- in fins and body. Females have a shorter body than most males. Males are longer usually. And it's more likely to have a male with shorter than normal fins than a female with longer than normal fins. One of my friends has a female with long fins, but no where near as long as your's.
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