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Location: Dartmouth, NS
2 fish, 2 problems :/

Yesterday I fed Bowser too many bloodworms, now he has bloat. It did not go away over night. He doesn't seem to be in discomfort, is there anything I can do for him other than wait?
Ludendorff is back to clamped fins and not swimming. I don't have any live plants in there now except moss. The water is at 78-ish (my floating therm has me guess specifics). I'm wondering if he's sick or stressed from his tank. I'm sure the 3gallon is too large the way he swam around it before getting emo again. Should I put him in the .5 floating in the 3g again?
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I would fast bowser for a few days so his digestive system can play catch up. If he doesn't look better after 3 days and the bloodworms were freeze dried instead of frozen then try epsom salt. Since you know he is bloated from over eating, you don't have to worry about anything super serious. He only has a stuffed tummy or constipation. :)

Ludendorff is probably stressed from being in a new tank. Give him a week to adjust to the 3 gallon if all the water parameters are good. Since you have a thermometer to check water temp, do you have any test to check for ammonia levels? A sudden ammonia spike could cause clapped fins and a quick 50% water change would do the trick.

If Ludendorff doesn't seem right after 7 - 10 days, then there may be something in the 3 gallon tank that is messing with him. In my experience, Snowy hated his 5 gallon tank when I first added him. At first I thought he was only comfortable in a 1 gallon tank because of his tail fin. Then I realized my 1 gallon filter was waaaaaay weaker than my 5 gallon filter. I had to baffle the filter at the intake and outlet before he stopped freaking out. XD

Could you have a similar problem with Luden?
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Continue to fast Bowser for the day, then start him back up slowly on food.

Is there anything else in Ludendorff's tank? Or is it pretty bare? Have you done a water change recently with siphoning? If not then I would do a 50% and see how he does then.. It may be the tank size, or something chemistry wise that he isn't agreeing with.
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Location: Dartmouth, NS
Okay, I'll fast Bowser- no problem! He was enjoying his wormies so much and I knew I should have stopped! They are frozen bloodworms. Poor him, he still blows bubbles for his nest and guards his cave so I'm not worried he'll make a full recovery. Thanks :)
As for Ludey. Well, the tank was cleaned 2 days ago (3 if you count today, it's still morning here) so maybe it needs a good change. I don't have a siphon or a filter in there. I realise I need to go with more frequent changes but Bowser's water isn't bad and they were done the same day. I also sadly don't have ammonia test. I realise it's something I should have for days like this. When I'm done class I'll come home and do a change for him.
I think the tank might be too tall for him. I noticed when he went in for the first time since his fin melt treatment he explored and seemed to act like a real betta but then he went up to the top yesterday and hung out there. This morning his fins are clamped. I'll feed him now in a minute, he is still eating. Would protein on the top of the water affect him negatively if he's sucking some in with his air?
I think I need to add in some plant filler, like a silk floating one that he can rest on and swim in, and hide in. I have a betta hammock there but he doesn't use it.
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