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Old 06-13-2012, 12:36 PM   #111 
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So apparently my fish is aggravated by -- cheese.
LOL. this honestly made me giggle.
To cheer myself from the trauma of dealing with the fish bimbo and her cupped array of doomed bettas
im not being sarcastic when i say this, but i love your choice of words lol
which Mr. Elbow said was less stressful for a betta.
'the only one who knew his arse from his elbow' lol.... Mr.Elbow... you crack me up!
But then she saw the littlest fellow of them all, dead in his cup - and she burst out crying..The way you keep those fish back there in dirty water is just wrong,"...
Your Daughter is Precious!
he's doing swimmingly (yes, that was a fishpun)
i don't think that there is a lack of humor in any of these posts lol...
I'm very proud of your daughter for taking a stand. Amazing the lessons we can learn from a tiny little life on a shelf in a cup! Bravo.
Sid still hasn't blown a proper one, but he is a ninja and is therefore forgiven
LOL ... ninjas have no time for bubble nests these days, they are too busy fighting invisible dangers! :P

YOU are a great artist, was that dragon done by stipling ?

and if you don't mind me asking..... what's the health issue your battleing?

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Old 06-13-2012, 02:14 PM   #112 
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Thanks so much, MistersMom, I'm pleased that you got a laugh or two. And cheers, glad you like the art. Yup, stippling, all in ink.. dotdotdot for six weeks at a time for the bigger pieces. The dragon is small and only took about half a week.

My health issue is that I was born with a very weak lymphatic system that crashes regularly. This means life-threatening infections and horrible swelling, systemic lymph edema in all four limbs. On top of that I have had arthritis in my lower spine since my 20's so getting around or even typing on the puter some days is.. slow, lol. But I manage okay, if I don't push myself too hard and watch my general health.

I didn't know I had any of it, until about four years ago when the first bad infection ripped through me and I spent a solid month in hospital on antibiotic and morphine drips, having lost all the skin off my left leg - I looked like a 3rd degree burns victim, no kidding. Changed my life forever.. I was always so fast-paced and busy, and suddenly I was on crutches for months, taking heavy pain meds and trying to cope with a child on my own.. my husband split around that time, too.. quite a challenge on all sides, for both myself and Daughter. But we got through it and things are slowly finding a balance again. I just regret that so much of her childhood was spent that way, so much sadness and money so tight.. I think she's done well to turn out as strong as she is (maybe a little TOO strong, but imo that is better than wimpy..).

I have changed my philosophies and opinions about a lot of things in those years. "Don't sweat the small stuff,' - lol. I used to! Not any more.

Thanks for coming by and reading. :)
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Old 06-13-2012, 03:36 PM   #113 
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Location: Australia!
Some of my own poetry..

I've been posting a lot of fish-related poems in this journal, because .. well.. it's a fish forum!

Only one of them has been mine, and it was a raw draft I shouldn't have put up so early.. I'm a fussy poet! Anyway, I'm slowly getting together my last few years' worth of decent-ish poems for a little book. And thought I'd share some of the ones I'm done being critical about (for better or worse..) and may include in the book...maybe...

The Art of Un-knowing

Give your burden the mane of a lion. Of yourself,
make a kraal. Split your heart
and fashion its two halves into a pair of goats.

Tether one to a stake. Then pull all the shades
for darkness, barricade the door,
listen for a nervous bleat, a skitter of hooves

in the mind's dirt. Feel nothing when the animal
screams. Believe: it's only a goat.
And here, the art - a bloody thorn, a twist

of hair will show you how the lion gets in, where
to dig the trap. When it is dead
burn the carcass. When the winds have drunk

the last of its ash, you'll still have one good goat.

Lacking photographs

I make portraits, for which she never sits
while I dab with improbable brushes: headstones,
evening gowns. Best viewed from a distance,
the strokes are ambiguous: a dash of blue
suggests the shadow of a breast, a waterlily, proof

of some recent, terrible blow. Her eyes remain
constant in a face which shifts like sand
peeling back to stone, a sheet
of volcanic glass. Quite the host, these many
disparate facets of her - all frozen, soundless,

though some have open mouths as if caught
mid-scream or on the high end of a joke.
Best viewed singularly and out of sequence,
I dread the thought of them aligned
in chronological order from youth to its distant,

mad conclusion, each animated by the one before,
lending her a strange and second kind of life.
They are all I have, these dreams
I wake from, crying like a child for its mother.

(and not fish, really.. but sealife-related!)

The Ammonite

I follow the shell's inward curl - not with my eyes, for the vertigo,
but half-imagining a path from here to... where? Its spiral
reaches vanishing point in the bowels of a long-extinct squid,
in sea-silt atoms which replaced its flesh, gaining perhaps one
degree of hardness every hundred thousand years.

In my hand, I cradle its mineral echo.

This squid reached its vanishing point while the first fish gawped
at the second fish and unhinged its bony jaw. Once these creatures
numbered in their billions, the Devonian master species, kings
of liquid displacement.

This stone is a testament to biological success.

I saw a man on the train this morning, one of a hundred thousand
commuters. He stood out for his lack of standing out. I don't know
why he drew my eye; he was everyone, and no-one, the way
things tend to appear identical when reckoned as a unit, en masse.

The numbers, and the weight of us.

Curly Logic

When did we want a world rightly
angled, squarely
partitioned & corridor-elbowed -
when did
all of our room
become roomed? Rectangle
rockets on long, black
oblongs stop at brick-stacks -
how did we learn
to so love blockwork?
Nature circles dogwise, strips
for Mobius, snail-shells
& brambles, goes curly on lambs,
vascular in fractal
leaf & limb. Fibonacci's nautilus
squids around
in loops, star matter spraying
clockways, widdershins -
why would anyone wish
to iron it out?
Decree the dome a pleasure
& measure its inches
in worms. Thumb your nose
at rule. Lamb
yourself. Dis-angle. Tree your mind.

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Old 06-14-2012, 02:48 AM   #114 
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Just. Omfg. My feet hurt. :\

After spending two hours shopping at the LFS (picking out wood bits from a giant bin, and rock pieces.. there's 45 mins alone..then a convo about macrostomas and ooh'ing over the not-for-sale babies and their parents.. 20 mins.. etc, etc) I was SO tired, so we called a cab to carry home:

.5 kilo of rocks
2 kilos fine natural gravel
Twiggy wood
Sponge filter
Pump & tubing
2 guppies
2 x new heaters (one for guppies, one for NPT)
A net
Tank decoration (for the guppies)
Scraper sponge (for Cleo's tank)
A free cupful of fine white sand (from a split bag out back, you can only get 20kg bags of it, lol and I just needed a handful for the micro tank.. nice of them to give it to me..)
1 small cryptocoryne
1 stem blixa

... the fricken taxi doesn't come. 30 mins pass. I call again. The guy picked up the wrong passenger.. they order me another cab... another 30 mins pass... I'm having a lovely conversation with one of the staff, nice guy from QLD, but my feet fricken hurt, my ankle is the size of a rock melon, Daughter's whiny and cold.. and worst of all the poor guppies are getting chilly.

So I flagged one down after about another 10 mins of standing in the freezing wind..

If these fish don't make it, that company IS bloody well buying Daughter some new guppies.

Anyway, we had everything but the heater set up so the poor little guys were acclimated once we topped up the tank with some warm water and switched the heater on. They seem fine, but we'll see how they do overnight.

Then daughter breaks a glass. A big one, which shatters all over the kitchen dish rack and floor. So I clean that up (that takes aaagesss, glass everywhere.. ) put all my other purchases away, put the plants in quarantine, check the guppies again, get Daughter settled (she had a headache from being in the cold waiting for the taxi...) and then I decided it was time to play "Sit The Heck Down With A Nice Hot Coffee and Jolly Well Do Nothing For a While".

My tanks all need water changes, then dinner needs to be cooked, then time for the laundry..

But just for now I'm sipping my coffee and typing, thinking of layouts for the micro tank. My rocks are realllly pretty, like little pointy monoliths. I chose fine white sand and am hoping to find some very small grass-like plants to make a tiny planted 'sand dunes by the cliffs scene' --- in the 1 liter tank! Lol. I need to research aquarium-safe glues so I can maybe make some styrofoam hills and glue sand all over them to give the dunes some height and shape...plant the grasses and little 'trees' between the slopes.. maybe. I can try, anyway. I think it's a neat design idea. Just need the right glue and plants now..

Daughter's making me another coffee, bless her.

I priced a tank big enough for three macrostoma (apparently you need two males to the one female, or she wears him out.. naughty fish..) - with a cabinet & everything but the heater - $350. Then roughly $200 for the three fish as youngsters.. all up, looking at maybe.. $700 for the complete tank.

A long-term plan, that one. But one day those macros will be mine...
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Old 06-14-2012, 06:28 AM   #115 
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Location: Oklahoma
where do you live? 2 hours at a LFS? wow. im sorry about your feet.
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Old 06-14-2012, 09:52 AM   #116 
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Location: Australia!
I'm in Melbourne, Australia. :) And yes, it's a big store with lots to look at. Like macros! :B

And thanks re feet sympathy. Just standing for long periods isn't great for me atm. Sometimes it's alright, but not today. I'll be okay after a night's rest.

Gupdate: the guppies, named "Devon" and "Bostick" after Daughter's latest Hollywood heart-throb, are zooting around in their new and .. extremely colourful.. tank, looking.. colourful!

One's yellow and leopardy-spotted, the other's orange with a hint of purple. They settled in fine and nommed a few of the way-too-small betta pellets which came with my dinky tank + 30L package deal.

Daughter adores them. She bought them a large and very cheerful orangey-pink silk plant, and apparently they like playing hide and seek in it. She also saw them playing 'pop the bubble' - one noms a bubble from the spray bar and spits it out, and the other pops it. LOL.

I'll put some pics up tomorrow.

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Old 06-14-2012, 10:21 AM   #117 
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i saw that you also got a 3rd betta... can you post a photo if it?
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Old 06-15-2012, 07:57 AM   #118 
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Location: Australia!
Do you mean Cole? He's Daughter's plakat.. I put some pics of him here:

I need to take some of Demyx too, as I don't have any good ones. He's really hard to photograph!
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Old 06-15-2012, 08:55 AM   #119 
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Micro Tank Update:

I spent this evening watching Avatar: The Last Airbender (the anime series) and trying out ideas for rock placement in the micro tank.

After squinting at the tank between episodes for a couple of hours, I decided on two particular rocks to use as features for sure, with maybe one more to give the scape some height. I found good a spot to use the bacopa in, too..

Tomorrow I'll do some playing about with wet propagating sand to see how it holds up.. I have the feeling I'll have some trouble with stability, with my present layout but I hope not.
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Old 06-15-2012, 10:59 AM   #120 
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Location: Oklahoma
you have beautiful fish, and im sorry about Sid.
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