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Old 08-16-2012, 10:32 AM   #251 
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HAHAHA. There's some late night coffee dripping out of my nose, thanks to you and your siphon, LBF. They really push it, don't they? I could swear they were deliberately giving me conniptions -

"Oh hey, watch her face when I do this, guys!!!"

*other strohi stare at Aus like this as culprit pretends to head straight for siphon, veering off at last moment*

"HAHAHA. Now float upiide down for a while - that really gets her going!"

Talking of Cotton, which I was last post, heh - here's a picture of her face. And the white spot that had me all freaked out.. it's almost gone now, just a speck of it left. I think she injured it on my plant-moving skewer the greedy tyke (she bit it), and for a while there I was "OH NOES COLUMNARIS". But it shrank daily, and has healed up okay... I feel awful, too, when they get injured. Even if the fault is shared.
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Old 08-16-2012, 08:57 PM   #252 
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It's been awhile since I replied. Or so it seems as least. How's little Aang doing? I was at Petco the other day and I saw a betta that looked exactly like him. You didn't take a trip to the states and lose him did you? xD
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Old 08-18-2012, 12:31 AM   #253 
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Hiya BLT! I see you made a journal too. :)

I'll be back later to reply properly and go see your page.. omg, I am so tired, we just got back from viewing a potential new house & shopping for storage stuff for the move when it happens.

Haven't been sleeping well, anxiety stuff and whatever else is going on with me.. so I'm a bit sore and weary atm.

The house was --perfect-- for us, the next few days of waiting to see if we got it will be hell. Cross your fingers for us, dear readers. We really deserve to catch a break.
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Old 08-20-2012, 05:54 AM   #254 
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Demyx Update & etc

Getting back to your post, BLT - HA - maybe Aang has learned teleportation skills from the snails? Oddly enough, I'd never seen a betta like him but once we got him I'm seeing them everywhere now on the net.

He is doing just fine. He's a wonderful cellophane-y marble and so is slowly changing colour all the time. His dark spots are turning a very bright green, with pale blue as well. There's not a spot of red on him, and he's a DT - so I'd say whoever bred him was at least aiming for something good and not just throwing random fish together. He's in good health and the little bit of raggedy fin he had when we got him is slowly filling in. Daughter's taking excellent care of him and he loves his 8 gallon home.

I hope you & yours are all doing well - good to hear from you! I'll be popping into your journal thread shortly.

Time for an update on little Demyx, though.

After more than six months in a 1.5 'hospital' tank in pristine water and with good food, and after being treated for everything from severe fin melt to popeye and being underweight, Demyx is FINALLY looking a little better.

Which is to say his fins are still very raggedy but also lengthening. And so NOW I can see why it is, exactly, that he has been eating his fins off, and perhaps too why he's so weedy.

It appears that the baby fish (he could not have been more than 3 months at time of purchase..) that we purchased as a "HM" is actually an extreme rosetail.

As his fins fill out again, the ruffly rose tail is becoming quite obvious to us. Daughter's all smug and "told you so" - she's been saying he was a rosetail for months but I really couldn't see the ruffles for the terrible state of his fins, and they were only half this length..

He's still gnawing his dorsal off a bit - I cannot say I blame him, as if the new rays he's growing are any indication, that fin is as high as the poor fish is long. His anal fin is growing out to a massive heavy sheet that's impeding his swimming quite a lot, but the dorsal actually tips him over, it's so heavy - he has trouble negotiating even the most basic natural behaviours, feeding and swimming around his plants.

Keep in mind here: his dorsal fin is still only 1/3 actually there. And it's tipping him over with its weight.

It's terribly sad to watch. I keep saying what a little sweetie pie he is, and that's because he really is one, and a trooper with it. Whoever bred this poor fish either didn't give a crap about the impracticality of trying to swim with a massive rosetail, or didn't have a clue what they were doing and ought to be kicked in the pants for such utter thoughtlessness, and then kicked again for sending their culls to my pathetic LFS.

Now I'm even more inclined to despise those breeding fish for their own satisfaction and wanting something "different" without a thought as to how the resulting fish may have to live - and suffer - for their selfish sense of 'achievement'..


Anyway, if Demyx keeps improving and doesn't get ill again, I'll probably give him a slightly bigger tank after we move. I'm looking at the same 8-gallon setup that Aang has, only with a lower water level so he can swim more easily with his regrown, stupidly floofy fins.

Mind you - as I said, his fins are only half regrown. They're still majorly raggedy and in places still quite torn up - and even half healed, he can barely keep upright for the sheer weight. I HATE to think what kind of weight he'll be trying to drag around if they heal completely and all the ruffles fill in.

For goodness' sake, breeders of "exotic" extreme fin types --- pull your heads out of your collective rectums and think about quality of life for those creatures you're bringing into the world.

I just had to say that. I feel a little better now.

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Old 08-20-2012, 07:11 AM   #255 
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I completely agree with your sentiment about exotic breeders. Even though Steve is only a VT I feel like he gets really weighed down by his fins, if he even stops for a second his bottom starts sinking. Plus he swims so awkwardly. Whereas my girls or Mr G don't have to worry about sinking if they stop and they just zip around. I really feel bad for these long finned bettas.

I also laughed at your signature xD "...and 10,000 snails, all called 'Neil.'" I can't even imagine having a snail takeover.

Also, this comment is all over the place, xD I'm pretty sure Aang has learned teleportation. I went back in your thread to find the picture of him and the betta I saw in the store looked identical to him. DT and all. I wished I got a picture of the mysterious betta. Seriously, Aang? Seriously? There are better places to teleport to than a Petco in Utah.
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Old 08-20-2012, 08:15 AM   #256 
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Originally Posted by birdielikestomatoes View Post
Seriously, Aang? Seriously? There are better places to teleport to than a Petco in Utah.
rofl. covert mission?

and now for some GOOD NEWS!


It's only a suburb away, and is ENORMOUS (I mean, potential for a fish room enormous..) -- and while it's somewhat more rent than we currently pay, it's absolutely perfect for all of us. Plus it's right across the street from an enormous Buddhist temple, which is a view I don't mind a bit.

No more ceilings falling in. No more Slammy the Angst-merchant. No more drafty old rooms.

I am just entirely stoked by this news.

Now to scrape up sufficient funds for the move... ><
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Old 08-20-2012, 06:42 PM   #257 
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Yeah Congratulations on the new house. When you find the right house... that brings you joy, all the worry about how to move the tanks just doesn't seem so big. Your whole perspective changes. Maybe you can overlap the 2 locations a few days and move tanks one day, furniture the next, and cleaning the last... Sometimes costs a little extra money to overlap the two but it's sure worth it to ease the move.
When do you get the place???
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Old 08-21-2012, 06:46 AM   #258 
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Congratulations on the house! I've been following this journal for ages now, I just havn't had the time to reply. I love your strohi! They are adorable little creatures.

And I've been meaning to say that your planted tanks look amazing! I would die for tanks like yours. It's good to hear Demyx is getting better as well.
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Old 08-21-2012, 08:28 AM   #259 
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Hi JB! Thanks. :) We can move in after this weekend, but the big move will be the weekend after as it's all happened rather quickly and I still have tons of stuff to pack...

I'm really hoping my brother-in-law can come down for a day weekend after next and help us move the tanks - he has a station wagon and experience moving with large tanks, so I'm really crossing my fingers he can do that. And yeah, lol, Irish gave me the "don't stress, it'll seem like nothing in a week" speech tonight, which also made me feel a bit better. I'm terrible with worrying and stressing when there's so much to do, and so little time. Hope you and yours are all well!

Cheers also, Magnum - and ha, the strohi. I'm so glad I have them, they're a lot of fun. Thanks heaps, re the tanks. They're way easier than I thought they'd be, and buying plants from the Aussie folks on Aquariumlife made it much cheaper, too!

And I can't wait to put Demyx in a larger tank, hopefully he doesn't start ripping his fins off again..
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Old 08-21-2012, 08:47 AM   #260 
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To celebrate our emancipation from this horrid old house, I have found a poem that is sort of relevant. And it's by an Aussie poet!

Moving House
by Jan Owen

for Eve-Marie

And here are the family albums;
their red leather covers open thud
or shut with a sharper clap
like hands on a speck in the heat.
I'm drawn in again, hypnotically
reading the compound noun:
Our amateur museum —
here under the cellophane flaps
over dark stippled cardboard
sticky as flypaper strips
or flood-plains of black honey,
the smiles and arms,
sun-covered or bruised with shade,
line up like a churchyard polonaise.
They are standing stones of captured time
or the few clear notes of a song
heard far over water.
Old voices saved on tape will also hint
that death is not what they thought.
Ah, there's Jasper.
Remember that dress?
We never did mend the swing.
Left to right the family set out
beyond the photons long since
dancing to other tunes.
Their little labels of light
process like a ritual over the dark.

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