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Old 03-06-2012, 01:47 PM   #51 
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Ahhhh!.... and so the addiction continues!! You have it bad my dear. LOL.
Guilty as charged...

And thanks - Sid is looking great, compared to a week ago. Still kind of grumpy about being in the little tank (which is next to his main tank, so he glares at it.. had to card it so he wouldn't obsess, oy, all my animals are so neurotic..) but at least he's making some lovely bubblenests, which he can't seem to do in the IQ5, probably due to the filter flow.

Speaking of the IQ5, I've been worried about how to get plant-friendly lighting for it, but it seems the LED display for it is 6500K - perfect! No wonder the plants are happy.

The new set up is relaxing just to look at on its own, I really like the natural look. Though those shrimpies would make it pertier.. and of course, Sid.

Patience! It's a virtue, I hear.

I am one bag of clean substrate and a little more research re water chemistry, and an expensive test kit away from creating a NPT, OldFishlady style. Well, I'll be hassling her for advice, at least, while I try not to fail.

My driftwood's so nice.. I think a few squiggly sticks poking up against the black background of the tank would complete it. But for now, it's nice enough.

Must. Get. Pics!
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Old 03-07-2012, 11:32 AM   #52 
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Last day of salt today. Sid's fin problem has halted for sure, and reversed in some places - but not others. His anal fin is showing less sign of repair than his tail, which had the rapid rot and now is showing plenty of healthy new fin growing. The anal fin has a bite-sized chunk out of it, which bothers me. I assumed it was the rot, as I watch him quite closely and have never once witnessed fin-biting. But at least there's no more loss.

I'm keeping him (against his will) in the hospital tank until his main tank settles with the new wood. It's still at 0.25 ammonia or thereabouts today, though the test was more yellow than pale lime, so perhaps it's dropped a little. I'm leaving Sid be, in case the changes threw the other tank into a mini-cycle or something (rather than it just being that I overfed the tank..).

My wisteria has lots of lovely new leaves coming on. The crypt in the ceramic pot is looking a tad pale, and its leaves are long.. it's a longer-stemmed variety than some crypts and it's producing pups okay. But I wonder if it's getting enough light to be happy.

And I think I found out what the "freshwater seaweed" is! It looks like this:

Which is often sold as 'Pellia', 'Pelia', or 'Subwassertang':

"Süsswassertang (German spelling: Süßwassertang) is a type of aquarium plant formerly known as "round Pellia" or "round-leaf Pellia". It was long considered to be a liverwort, which it strongly resembles, but in 2009, a molecular phylogenetic study determined that it is, in fact, an fern gametophyte. Further, it is a species of Lomariopsis.[1] It is closest to Lomariopsis lineata, but may be a new, unnamed species. Many reference sources on the web describe it as L. lineata, but its inclusion in that species has not been validly determined. Efforts to induce the plant to form a sporophyte have failed, which may indicate status as a new species. This plant was first mis- identified as Pellia endiviifolia, then as Monosolenium tenerum, before the analysis that determined its true status.

The name means "freshwater seaweed" in German.

Reproduction is by fragmentation. Pieces that break off develop into new plants."

As mentioned above, it used to be regarded as a variety of liverwort, Monosolenium tenerum, which is actually terrestrial, and has been likened to a 'living fossil' because it is extremely primitive as far as plants go. Monosolenium is native to South East Asia and apparently quite rare in the wild:

"In Japan the incidence of this species has declined in the countryside in recent decades—after adoption of modern plumbing. When the old-fashioned privy was current, Monosolenium was a common "weed," as, e.g., around the privies in the periphery of the Mossy Temple at Kyoto...and in settled areas. The plant apparently hardly occurs "wild" and always seems associated with man—much like that other east Asiatic monotype, Ginkgo biloba. It is of interest that this plant, "lost" for decades, appeared on fertilized soil in a greenhouse in Munich, giving Goebel the opportunity to carefully investigate the taxon."

Here's a pic of it:

Think about that, next time you find slime in your privy. You could have a rare plant on your hands! :D

Thanks to Wikipedia for the information on both plants.

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Old 03-07-2012, 06:00 PM   #53 
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Here's another fish-related poem I really like :

The Fish in the Stone
by Rita Dove

The fish in the stone
would like to fall
back into the sea.
He is weary
of analysis, the small
predictable truths.
He is weary of waiting
in the open,
his profile stamped
by a white light.

In the ocean the silence
moves and moves
and so much is unnecessary!

Patient, he drifts
until the moment comes
to cast his
skeletal blossom.

The fish in the stone
knows to fail is
to do the living
a favor.

He knows why the ant
engineers a gangster's
funeral, garish
and perfectly amber.
He knows why the scientist
in secret delight
strokes the fern's
voluptuous braille.
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Old 03-08-2012, 11:58 AM   #54 
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Location: Australia!
This evening I moved one of the driftwood pieces (the one that makes a tunnel) into the little tank with Sid, as I figured it might be best to get him used to whatever changes the wood will have made to the water.

He loves the tunnel and spent tonight doing laps around the tank just so he could swim through it. He seems to have found a favourite spot on top of the wood to sleep, and keeps returning to it after coming up for a breath now and then. Funny little fish.

The main tank doesn't look terribly tannin-y with the lights on, but I sure notice it when they're off - it's so much darker!

Little Demyx won't be 'little' for much longer, I think. He's in blooming health despite being a terrible little stress bunny and near impossible to catch, which means - stress! - at water change time.

It amazes me daily how different in temperament our two fish are. It's still pretty amazing to me that such small fish have 'temperaments' at all. But then, I thought the same about rats when I got my very first one.

And I must be off, to write TWO poems for my poetry forum's monthly challenge, since I am a day behind..
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Old 03-08-2012, 02:46 PM   #55 
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Hi Aus! May I make a suggestion? For water changes, are you catching and removing Demyx, then pouring out his water and putting in fresh? Does he have a filter and are you cleaning his tank each time?
Another option is to use a piece of air tubing, begin a siphon into a container leaving him in the tank with 1-2 inches and then replace back the same amount of treated water/same temp. There are little squeeze type balls that can be used to start a siphon, rather than sucking on the end of the tube. Even a Turkey baster to remove in small batches, then put back the new stuff the same way or pour it directly from the jug/container into his filter slot/hole and then plug it up after.
The stuff on the sides of the tank, feels like slime, but it's the good bacteria that gets all over and deals with the ammonia. Don't clean that stuff off. And I think you also have live plants too correct?
Don't even catch him or remove him. Unless I'm missing something here....?
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Old 03-09-2012, 01:47 AM   #56 
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Hiya JB, hope all is well for you.

Demyx is in a heated tank, but he can't have a filter - even a tiny bit of flow upsets him, he gets very depressed and won't swim. He does have quite a lot of finnage for his tiny size, so maybe that's why. Anyway, this is why I do 1x 50% change, and 1x 100% change per week. I don't scrub the sides or ornaments, but I do rinse the gravel when I do the 100%. He has a large clump of java fern floating (it's very healthy and growing new leaves) and a little potted crypto (I swapped his anubias for one of Sid's cryptos).

I have a siphon, but I'm scared he'll get sucked up into the tube (he's small enough, ha).

Also, our water, IMO, has to be aged for at least a couple of days, since we get terrible amounts of bubbles (and I'm concerned about bubble disease)-- and so the replacement water is cold, and then heated in the tank before we return him to it.

So catching and cupping's been the answer to water changes so far. He copes with being cupped, but haaaates being caught. I think I may just have to be more patient about coaxing him into the cup with food.

I'm lucky, with Sid. I think he actually enjoys being cupped for wc's, the little weirdo.
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Old 03-10-2012, 04:12 PM   #57 
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Sid's back in the salt...

After 24 hours out of it, his fins started peeling a few very thin strips away from the main part, no other signs of rot but I didn't like the look of it at all. And there's no ammonia in that tank whatsoever. The water's changed daily (which I honestly thought he'd be stressed about by now, but nope!).

So.. back in the salt. I'll give him three more days, see if he responds okay and then use triple sulfa, as I think whatever's going on will qualify as pretty persistent, after that.

He's otherwise as happy as can be in there; his appetite is great, he's flaring now and then. It's just the damn fins..
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Old 03-13-2012, 03:43 PM   #58 
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My wisteria is talking to me.

"Aus," it is saying, "Listen up. Me and my friends in here, we need an NPT, like yesterday. No, really, look at all these thick roots I'm sending down, in the whim of a hope of a decent substrate. How about you get us some?"

To which I have replied, "Oh, um.. yeah. Okay?"

It's a real delight that the plants are doing well. If I get the NPT supplies today or tomorrow, the timing will be excellent for putting Sid back in the tank.

I'm so excited! I'll need a few more plants, too... Mainly stem plants, which I've avoided because I vacuum the gravel pretty thoroughly at water changes. And I can let the wisteria put down those amazing long, thick roots it's sprouted in the past two days.

Maybe it'll stop nagging me, then.

Speaking of Sid, I just watched him spend 5 minutes dismembering a mosquito that had snuck past the lid of his hospital tank. It was a huge one! I swear he was playing with it, must have grabbed it and spat it out half a dozen times before he finally gulped it down. Now he's sailing around the tank heroically, flaring at everything.

Silly fish.
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Old 03-17-2012, 05:32 AM   #59 
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Since Daughter's iPod is malfunctioning, my housemate (let's call him 'Irish') was kind enough to take a pic of my new tank set-up for Sid.

The wisteria's roots show no sign of quitting their quest for substrate, and since I've been a little busy lately I haven't yet got round to potting-mix hunting for the planned NPT. Soon! Though the tank looks so nice at the moment it's a chance to enjoy the perty before it all gets dismantled..

I'm halfway through rearranging my living room, eyeballing several spaces and tables for a 15gallon NPT.. Everyone here loves the idea, after seeing the tannin-y natural look in Sid's tank. They all want to see some shrimp in there. And so do I! (Though honestly, I'd prefer a shrimp-only tank, or to wait for the 15gallon to give the poor lil guys a chance to hide from Sid).

Sid's fins are improving, and so he's back in his home tank. Little Demyx has taken Sid's place in the hospy tank, due to a possible fin-chomping issue and a little raggedy edge on that. He is having a ball in the hospital tank. I put a broken-handled 'pumpkin cup' in there for him to hide in (part of a teaset that was designed to look like butternut pumpkins). He loves it to bits, and has taken to using the curve of the broken handle as a sofa, which is adorable.

He's not stressing as much I thought he might, and seems to enjoy being in a high-traffic area. I moved his tank-table to the other side of the new sofa so he's not so hidden away when gets back into his home tank.

Demyx has developed a massive amount of fin (to the point where I am wondering whether he might be a rosetail rather than a plain HM, his tail has a very ruffled look to it, but perhaps it's just long, not sure yet and since he won't flare it's hard to get a good look at the rays)... it looks like it's really heavy for him, as his actual body is still quite small compared to Sid, who isn't large himself.

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Old 03-17-2012, 01:23 PM   #60 
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little fish
by Renee Liang

my astonished belly
has lately become
a fishbowl
and you, little fish

winged mermaid
dancing citizen
of my inner seas
you sang to me

long before
your 17 weeks
long before I first saw
your tiny arms

doing freestyle
on the screen
your feet waving
in gentle currents

little fish, as I feel you
blowing bubbles
in my belly
I can’t help but smile.
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