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New crowntail

Unfortunately my red betta died a few weeks ago. It was my fault, I went and got a plecostomus and he died the next day. Betta got sick and died about a week later. I don't know what he had just was dead one morning. So I put some aquarium salt in the tank hoping it would kill whatever was in the water and just topped it off with tap water and let it sit for about a week.

I went to walmart and ventured to the fish. The had a bunch of bettas and I started looking and I just went ahead and bought this crown tail. His body was white then with silver/blue at the start of his fins fading into a vibrant red, the red being the most prominant color. His eyes are nearly black. So he's been in about a week and doing well. He's been eating and his belly has fattened up and looks healthy. Most of the white has been taken over by red now though. I will have some pics later today I hope :) I was worried he would catch what killed the other fish but so far all is well. This time he will be the only fish in the tank, taking no chances. He did spend the first few days trying to attack himself in the glass but has calmed down quite a bit.
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How big is the tank? (Plecos should be in tanks 20g and up) And was it properly cycled? (Takes about 3-4 weeks)
You honestly should of done a large water change, or for a tank smaller then 5 gallons (or a tank not cycled fully) then a complete clean out before adding in a new fish.. especially since you put in AQ salt- when not used correctly, the bad bacteria will become resistant towards it, so any beneficial properties it has for clearing out bacteria/infections is pretty much lost.

Also, when adding a new fish into a tank with other fish, best to QT for a week or two at least before introducing the new fish.

I suggest keeping up on your weekly water changes very carefully to try to get the water cleared out.
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Everything is fine, but thanks for the lecture. I'm 39, haven't had enough of those. I've kept a fish tank since I was 13. I now have a female as well but she is going in a new tank by herself. She is almost green so I couldn't leave her there, love at first sight.
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