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Betta care for a Dummie!

Hi Y 'all!
I've had my little Fish Perry since mid May 2011. I knew nothing about fish when I got him, and though I THOUGHT I had learned alot, I now realize Im not much better off than I was from the start! :(((
After many different arrangments, he is now in a 10 gallon, heated, filtered tank It has a gravel bed, two castles (one small, one medium ) 3 silk plants, one plastic plant and a floating log. It is not crowded and he is alone in the tank. The whole cycling thing confused me, but according to the color coded test strips, the water is good. I do a 50% water change weekly. My question is this...
The plants (especially the plastic one), the filter, and the heater get a film or "gumption" on them. When I do my water change I "vacume the gravel" and wipe the glass front with a clean paper towel. Am I suppose to be cleaning the stuff off of these other things too? I thought that I wanted this stuff because it kept my cycle going. Am I wrong? Should I be cleaning all of these things with hot water? Or should I leave the stuff there?
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You are doing it right. :) However, most of the good bacteria is in the filter (more than 90% of it), so you won't be killing it off if you do want to give your ornaments a rinse to get rid of the gunk.
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Sounds like you're doing a very diligent job, as the previous poster said. You probably don't need to do a gravel vaccuum everytime you change the water (assuming you're doing it more than once a month). A single betta in a 10 gallon won't make much of a mess. That will make your life a little easier.
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I'm pulling my hair out over this fish! When I got him ( from Petsmart ), he was in a bad way. He had fin and tail rot. I have caught him in the act of biting his tail. He made a sharp turn and when his tail fliped by his face he chomped off a big, huge bite! Well, now his tail is in bad shape again and I cant tell if it's the rot again, or him biting. Because the tail is split, I think it is rot. BUT WHY??? What am I doing wrong???? I really am taking care of him! I sometimes give him mosquitos when I can catch them ( maybe once or twice a week - I live in Houston ). Is that a terrible idea? He LOVES to eat them. Are they too germy? His tank is a little stinky, is that normal? If the test strips say the water is good, and I do 50% water changes weekly, why would he have tail/ fin rot?
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Vacuuming the gravel weekly is a good way to make sure nothing builds up.. at the very least every other week is okay since he is a single fish in the tank.

Are the edges of his fins blackened and flaky/crusty? Or are they the color of his fins, but with chunks missing or a little raggedy? A picture of his fins would help if you can get some clear ones.

If the filter isn't baffled, it could be causing too much of a current which can lead to him stressing and his fins feeling heavy and dragging on him- which could in turn cause him to bite off fins to make them lighter. He could also be doing it because he is in a larger tank- surprisingly a lot of bettas don't like large tanks.. I would check the filter first and hopefully in time if it's the tank, he will adjust.

Live food is great for them, but you aren't wanting to feed adult mosquito as you don't know what they fed off of prior to you catching them.
Even though it's winter, put out a bucket of water and throw in some leaves and even a little dirt.. daily check it to see if there are any mosquito larvae, and even daphnia lay eggs in winter.. just break off the ice each morning. When it gets warmer you will have plenty of little things swimming around in the water- use a small fish net or shrimp net to capture the larvae swimming around in the bucket, then rinse them off through the net and feed. The larvae is healthier for them and there isn't as big of a risk of anything transferring to your guy.

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