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Betta and Petco

I am new here. Last week I visited Petco and fell in love with two betta fishes. A male and a female which I christined Blue and Snowdrop (Snowy). The people at Petco assured me that I could keep them in small areas. After I purchased my new fish, (and a small tank from Lee's pet comapy and the food and stuff all together cost me $17.49). I checked the internet for betta care. I was shocked at all the information about betta care.
I live in a small room in a collage dorm and I'm a poor college student. I love Snowy and Blue but I don't know if they are happy with me or not. What kind of breed they are or if the water is good for them. I cleaned their water when it gets cloudy and fed them daily.

Blue is a hansome royal blue male with a bit of red. His tail looks like feathers. He is eatting fine and active. He flares sometimes when he sees Snowy. Recently I cleaned the container he came with and put him in a different container (2.5 I think) without the divider.

Snowy is different though, when I first brought her with Blue. She was active. But now she isn't eatting and she is in the container from the time when I first brought her. She is white and a bit pink. I can see her insides a little, they are gray.

Please tell me. Am I doing ok? Or should I find a new home for them and change their names to "For Sale"? Help!
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Welcome to

If your room temperature does not fall below 76 degrees Fahrenheit, there is no need for you to get heater otherwise get one instead. Eheim, Sera and Visitherm would be your best bet to avoid disastrous results.

A 5 gallons tank for each betta should suffice. I'd feed them only once a day and do water changes every other day by 50%.:) Sponge filters should be sufficient and these can readily be made or cheaply available.

Blue sounds like a crowntail betta.

Good luck.:)
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