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Help, white stuff on mouth!

I wasn't sure where to post this, so sorry if this isn't the right place.

About a week or more ago, I saw a white puffy thing on my betta's lip that would sometimes go inside his mouth when he ate. The next day it was gone, but I have started to notice that it looks like his lips aren't like they should be. I wouldn't exactly say that it looks like they're being eaten away, but they don't look normal. I guess maybe they don't stick out like they should. He acts fine though. I have put aquarium salt in the tank, but not a lot because I read that cories don't do well with it, and I have one with him as well as neons.
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I would do a water change of 50% now, and another tomorrow of the same.. cories don't do good with salt (as even you have stated....) as the salt should be removed asap, but without harming your cycle..

What size tank is it?
How often and the % of water changes do you do?
Is there a way to get a picture of the lips?
Parameters of your water?
Any other symptom or sign of illness?
Temp of water?

It could of been slime coat sloughing off, or even the start of fungus.. but normally the fungus would spread rather then just disappear.

Any fish you see ill, or "not right" should always be removed and qt'd in a separate smaller tank or clean container for observation and treatment (except for cases of ich where you would want to treat the whole tank).

But unless there are pictures, or a more detailed description of "lips aren't like they should be", it's hard to say. For now, just like you read, cories shouldn't be in salt so that has to be removed from the tank and safely..

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10 gal tank
changed water last week and about 25% of it
don't know parameters or temp. I feel like a bad betta owner.

And I keep a strict eye on ich situations. none so far

Sorry if pics are too big or there's too many. If they're not good enough, I do have a video.
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