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Betta seems a bit fat...

I'm new to the fish world, (as well as this forum, though I've been stalking in since getting Jaju last year) and I'm a bit overwhelmed with how much I don't know (and they don't tell you at those stupid pet stores who try to sell you bottle sized tanks gah) So excuse my newbishness ><

But my betta seems to be getting fat. He's gone through this before as I worked on figuring out what to feed him, but it started up again and it doesn't seem to be getting better. I don't think it's getting worse, thankfully, but he just seems too round for my tastes.

He's in a 1.5 gallon tank (I know, on the smaller side, I'm looking in to see how I can fit a bigger one in my dorm) and has been acting normally, and still making some bubbles. He seems to be going regularly and over all seems fine except for his kinda round belly. I can't help but be a bit paranoid.

I'm also thinking my roommate overfeeds him over the weekend. I tend to feed him 3-4 pellets a day. I think she dumps some more in. I'm looking into it.

I recently changed his food, and I think this brand (Tetrabetta) is only making it worse. I've noticed his waste is worse than it usually is (there's more or at least i noticed it more, it doesn't break down as well) though I think some of it might be left over food from the weekend. Last weekend I finally got some of what should be more like his old food (Hikari), so I'm hoping this will help. I also have to change the brand of dried brine shrimp, as he won't eat that one either, but I've yet to have them on hand yet.

What do you think? What should I do? I already plan to fast him for a few days. I do that every month of so, for at least a day.
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He's handsome! Unfortunately I can't tell if he's fat or not
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Compared to my too-skinny Sid, your feller there -does- look a tad 'husky'.

I'm pretty new to bettas, so can't be much help to you on his weight issue. But as to the tank - if space is an issue, consider getting an Dymax IQ5 cube.

It's around 3.5 gallons with 3 gallons of swim space. The heater and pump sit in thier own little spaces at the back of the tank. Being a cube, ofc it takes up less shelf-space than a rectangular tank. its also acrylic - while it's easier to scratch than glass, it's also much lighter, which is great for me at scrub-the-tank time.

The water level needs to be quite high, but floating plants/ a leaf hammock help Sid out when he wants to sloth about near the surface. The IQ5 isn't inexpensive, but I have seen some 2nd hand on ebay for totally affordable prices.


- the lid is sold separately (or at least was on my IQ3, I'm not sure if it was free with the IQ5, it's worth checking)

- the lid is fiddly and doesn't like cords hanging out of the tank anywhere but in the 'designated' zones.

Otherwise, it's a pretty great product and my fish totally loves living in it.
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He's a big boy lol

A 1.5 is fine- as long as the tank is heated and you are doing your weekly water changes (making sure to do a 100% if it's not filtered) then he is fine in that size tank.

Fish don't become fat like us- but their stomachs enlarge when they have excess food/waste built up inside... then their stomachs go back to normal size once the food is digested through and the waste is expelled. So they are constantly going big and small- just not putting on weight or fat. The lower the quality food, the more it tends to bloat them up, and slows digestion.
He is definitely a stocky, so a couple of days of fasting would probably do him good. Other then that, his body looks good- he looks to be a little older, around a year I would guess.. if not a little more.

Tetrabetta, looking it up, is not ideal for them nutrition wise. Fish/meat meal should be the main ingredient, with other fish or meat ingredients as well. The list in order for that particular betta food is:
Wheat flour, fish meal, wheat gluten, potato protein, corn starch, soybean oil, corn gluten, shrimp meal, dried yeast.. and just gets worse from there.

It's basically packed full of empty carbs and starch- which give nothing good to bettas who are insectivore/carnivores and require more of a meat based diet.
The Analysis has decent numbers.. but don't be mistaken by those- the ingredients tell the whole story.

If you are able to order/find some- a couple of the top foods are:

Omega One Betta Buffet has listed Whole Salmon, Halibut, Shrimp as the first 3 ingredients.. their betta buffet flakes are actually healthier- but you would have to make sure to not over feed and allow the flakes to fall and foul the tank up (use a turkey baster to remove sunken food).

Also, New Life Spectrum betta food (which can be hard to find sometimes) is also good.. the New Life Spectrum Grow food is loved by many people, as the protein is even better in it.. but they tend to sink so would have to make sure to feed one at a time.

Good luck with him, check out some other foods, as the Tetrabetta is not as healthy as a lot of others- and a more high quality diet will help keep him healthy and not so bloated.
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I took a look at the different foods' ingredients and it's like you said -- the same trouble we have with dog food. He does seem to be doing better now that he's on Hikari, but I'll see if I can find him some better food.

Yes he's something like 1 and 1/2. I don't know how old he was when I got him, but I got him last year.

I've noticed he seems bigger, body-wise, than most bettas I see!

But thanks, I'll see if I can't find him more quality food and try and invest in a bigger tank :)
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bloated belly, fat

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