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If you get cories make sure you can have sand substrate because gravel harms their barbels. :)
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I also found this post.

It is never a 100% sure thing with a betta. He should be fine with cory cats or other bottom feeders. Mollies are top dwelling fish and will be in his territory a lot, this could be an issue, also, mollies can be very fin nippy, wich is a huge problem with male bettas. Guppies can be fin nippy and fancy guppies could be mistaken for rival bettas, They are not a good tankmate for bettas.

I kind of nervous because now after i did that post i am afraid that many people will have problem. How i understand it always a risk with bettas. They can be good at the beginning but can get aggressive later. So please be careful guys. May be before you do any changes to your tank take a few opinions. And i like opinions from the people who had the same situation not just research on interned.

I am getting worry.
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Hmm... So I suppose when choosing a tank mate, always give yourself an out in case it doesn't work out? Have another tank to put them in, a friend to give them to, or be able to return them. Good to keep in mind. :)

I wonder if their interaction with shrimp can be a bit of an indicator? Sky couldn't care less about shrimp, and isn't really aggressive at all... whereas Mr. Fish would chase the shrimp around and attack them... then eventually just eat them.
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lol exactly. But i hate to return fish back to the store . I think our bettas don't suffer from luck of friends though lol
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