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betta lover1507
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new girl dosen't look so well

so i just got my new AB girl today (no name yet) and she was not really moving, pale (like all new comers), and she has this white sore on her side, and on her fin area next to where the white sore is am really worried if it is a bacteria infection i was thinking maybe she needs a day but what happens something happens the next day (am paranoid) i got some pics of her:

this one above was for her white tip lips not sure if that is normal either
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Reference Team
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That paler area on her body almost looks like the start of an ulcer or columnaris.

It could just be her colouring or something harmless, but I'd definitely keep eyes on it.

How have you been acclimatising newcomers? If you have some IAL I would try adding that to the water either as a concentrated extract (boil a handful of leaves in a pot and leave to steep) or just a leaf or two, and maybe start a treatment of aquarium salt.

Shipping is really stressful and you have to be careful of sudden spikes in ammonia once you've opened the shipping bag and started acclimatising.
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betta lover1507
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Location: IL, Chicago
o ok how can i stop it from getting worse? i have removed puddles from the tank, and put salt in the tank. puddles has no diseases what so ever, so it was safe. i gave her a small amount of water each 10 minutes, so i put her in after 30 minutes are done. i do not have Indian almond leaves :(
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