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sudden algae bloom

Not that I mind, I think it looks pretty rad as it is covering the log(makes it look all natural and all that stuff), but it pretty much popped up over night

I know some algae is good and means you have good, healthy water, but where is the limit? And what prompted the algae growth do you think? I've been good about turning the lights on and off. Maybe the fish has forgotten to eat some pellets?

I had the tank running with no fish or algae in it for several months, so seeing it pop up now was kind of funny.

Just checking and all. When does algae become a 'problem' in a tank? Cause I honestly sort of love it. It all appears to be bright green and mossy.
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Personally I like the look of some algae-like you said-some can help make the tank look more natural, some can be a sign of a healthy system and its a great place for microorganism to live and feed in and this in turn provide a nice place for the fish to graze getting some extra nutrition......

But how much is too much.....I think this is personal too.....some species of algae is not harmful per se...if you get too much on plants leaves this can hinder photosynthesis and that needs to be limited for the plant and too much hair algae the Betta can get trapped in it...the system itself, however, I leave all the algae growing on non-viewing walls, on wood, rocks etc......

Some species of algae grow better in poorer conditions than plants-like too old light bulb-its hard for the plant to use the light for energy-but not for the algae, wrong color temp all together-algae can use most any color temp to grow- too high watts that are too close to the water can cause algae-especially hair algae, poor light penetration to the plants can cause algae-Too short or too long a photoperiod can cause algae-the plants have to be given the tools to out compete the algae-but since this is a closed system-its not uncommon to have some that will need manual removal or control on occasion.

Then nutrients-especially when you feed live plants-what the plants don't need and/or use the algae can and will use and why you should make a water change before you feed the plants to remove any excess. Sometimes you may not need added ferts and if you don't have the correct lights the plants can't use the ferts anyway and it all goes to algae growth.....its a balance.....
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