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Question Bubble nests?

I was curious as to how many times a male betta makes a bubble nest? Is it monthly? Or just random? Because currently my male almost starts to make one...But it's everywhere. As if there was a bubble nest, and something just fell on top of it and floated his work to random spots. Any comments?
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100% depends on the betta, so it's totally random.
Some make them ALL the time, some only make them sometimes, some just seem not to at all. It could be disappating across the tank because there is not enough stuff at the surface for him to build it against/for it to cling to, or because of the filter.

Mine always make theirs around and under the leaves of the live plants in their tanks that reach the surface.
One of my boys makes a bunch of small tiny ones (usually under the leaves at the surface) but only somtimes, the other ALWAYS has a huge one up, the only time he doesn't have a giant one is after i ruin it with a water change, but by the next morning there is always another one up to replace it lol

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Mine do too.. Some may make occasional small ones at the edge of the tank, but as soon as I put in a new leaf at the top of the surface, within the hour they have bubble nests under the leaf.. and it just grows.

They make them for multiple reasons, the common ones are breeding, territory or weather system coming through.
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My boy has a very sporadic one going on right now. Yesterday it was huge. Today, he's building it back up again. It's along the length of the back of his tank and one side along with a bit in front. Then he has a big patch around the heater's cord. Sure enough, good storm is hitting right now.
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It' very random, but all my boys blow them at some point or another, or just have sticky bubbles around the edges as if one they made broke. They'll make them for breeding or territorial reasons, or just because they're bored or want to practice, some believe. Most males do it because they all have the instincts for it - so especially if there's other bettas housed nearby, you'll see them.
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