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Question breeding betta questions for noobs

well iv had bettas for about 5 years now but iv never thought of breeding them till now.i just want to know how long it will take for a male to start blowing his nest once he is introduced to the female. if he dose start blowing his nest that means the two fish r compatible right?????? its been about a day and a half and he keeps wagging his tail at the female and everything. but still hasnt even started on a bubble nest??????
replies please
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I'd suggest reposting this to the breeding section. They'll be more help to you there. This is more about general care. :)
Some things you may need to consider:
- have you conditioned the male and female properly before this introduction?
- what size is your breeding tank?
- do you have a couple of 20 gallon tank for the fry grow-out tanks, 100s of containers for the male fry once they reach 3 months or so, and bigger tanks for all the female fry to live in a sorority, plus a way of heating and filtering all of these?
- do you have your fry food cultures ready?
- do you have homes for the fish that survive?
- what are you going to do with your culls?
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To add to Bombalurina, I'd suggest you at least read the stickies in the breeding section.

Males making bubble nests only means that he is healthy and wants to spawn. It doesn't mean that he is compatible to a certain female. Males flared regularly to other males often builds bubble nests.

Do not look for bubble nests to determine readiness. Look at the way they swim. They will always swim in a flirting fashion - "S" pattern.
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You'll need at least a 10 gallon tank for the breeding, though larger is recommended. Make sure you have everything set up before letting them breed - even if he has a nest set up. Sponge filters - bought or homemade - are essential to keep it clean while not losing fry!

You also want some floating plants or ornaments that the male can choose to put the nest on. Sometimes they'll just put it in the corner, but my males have actually gone for a disposable cup (not a clear one) cut in half and rested on the water like a cave. Styrofoam white cups are what I use. They float well, but he still may prefer a more natural area like a floating plant or tall plant that breaks the surface.

If he's showing off, that's good, as long as he doesn't puff his gills out. If she isn't watching him like she's impessed, though, she won't mate with him, and they may just fight eachother or even kill eachother. They may bully eachother anyway, so make sure they're very healthy (especially the female).

Once you're sure everything is set up perfect, and his nest is done, let her into the tank with him to breed. Don't freak out if they nip at eachother a bit of puff up, it's normal. Just make sure they don't get too aggressive and latch on to fins or flat out fight. It's vital to watch them in case they decide not to get along at any point.

Also, have a place at the bottom to hide, so the female can rest. Once you're sure they're done, and she's been hiding for a while, remove her. She'll eat the eggs or be hurt badly by the male who's taking care of the eggs.

Do not remove the male until all fry have hatched. He takes care of the nest.
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betta lover1507
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here's my spawning video, it would show the S-shape swimming :
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thanks ppl.
is there any reason why eggs will not come out one the pair go into the embrace.
thev done it about 5-6 times and still no eggs
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betta breeding

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