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Old 02-18-2012, 08:57 PM   #1 
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How do you manage

the care of your bettas if you have more than 4 male bettas and they require their own tanks & heaters? Isn't it costly to keep buying heaters & looking for outlets to plug them in? Also, how much time a day do you manage to spend with ur fish given that you have a fulltime job and other pets? I just wanna find out hpw everyone does it. For me, I have time to feed, clean their tanks, look at their funny antics for like 30 mins a day and that's it. I sometimes feel like a bad fish mommy.I have four 2.5 gallon tanks & heaters its just I don't have much time.
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Location: East Tennessee
Easy, ^^ split ten gallon tanks :D once they are cycled you only have to do small water changes either every week or every few weeks, depending on how long you let it go. However when I did have mine in tanks by themselves, I cleaned a tank a day every day of the week.
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I used to split a 10 gallon but when one fish got sick, the others get sick really quick and I lost a few fish that way so I stopped and put them in their own tanks instead. Also, the males get stressed out because I use the dividers used for knitting from WM and though they are dark brown, which made it harder to see the other side, they still do.
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Old 02-19-2012, 01:11 AM   #4 
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Don't get males - get females and start a sorority! :D

I wish I had parental permission for males. I'd find the time and money...somehow...
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Old 02-19-2012, 08:30 AM   #5 
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Well I am starting to add bigger tanks as they have less maintenance. I don't have a full time job, but I don't spend a ton of time with my fish. I go and talk to them and watch them but they don't need me for entertainment as in my divided they most defiantly entertain themselves. As for money I make 5 bucks a week I save or I look at garage sales in the summer for tanks I even buy 1 gallons since they make great quarantine. I have time for the maintenance most of the time and more so since I only have 3 tanks up an filled soon it will be four but it is also a 10g.
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Betta barrack(drip system)
Depend on how many gallon your whole system hold and number of fish determine how often you do a water change.

One heater can warm a lot of fish.
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Old 02-19-2012, 10:19 AM   #7 
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Well, I have 7 tanks (6 male and 1 female). I usually will clean 2-3 tanks one day then the next 4 the following day. I have four 2.5 gallon tanks, two 2 gallon tanks and one 1 gallon tank (temporary). I spend a good amount of time watching my guys, as three are on my dresser, and three are on my desk. I feel bad for my 7th (Big Red), as he is in my sister's room and just doesn't get much attention. I call him mine, but he's mostly hers though she doesn't care for him at all. I think I might see if she'll let me move him to the Rec room where he'll get more attention.

Eventually, once I have a place of my own, I'm going to get a larger tank or two and split them. That way I have one heater and one filter for each tank. It does get pricey making sure each tank has a heater and filter!

For whatever reason my parents let me have as many betta tanks as I want, but won't let me get larger tanks. So, I just maintain what I have knowing that one day the work will be less! hehe
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Old 02-19-2012, 11:30 AM   #8 
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Location: South Carolina
i cheat. :B keep my room warm. i keep the cups the bettas come in, and change 2-3 tanks at a time. having 10(soon to be 11) isn't that hard, when you do it that way. :V
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Old 02-19-2012, 11:46 AM   #9 
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Location: clovis ca
With the drip system u can change as many jar as your system hold.
Just by doing a water change in your slump
Just in a few minutes you can change out 40+ jar with out all the hassle of catching your fish
If your willing to invest
You will say up a lot of time
But feed is still a hassle
Haven't find a easy way yet
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Old 02-20-2012, 12:31 AM   #10 
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Divided tanks but mine were never cycled so I still did the 100% change every week.

The other secrete - GRAVEL VACCUUME. It can suck the water out of a 10 gallon in like 5 minutes. I used two 3 gallon tubs and when one filled up, i put the vaccuum in the other tub and emptied out the full one. Some people use 5 gallon buckets but I can't lift that

Heaters - I got all off ebay - much cheaper
the real issue I had was the lack of sockets, thats why nothing was cycled. The 20G had a filter but that was more to help with debris in the water, with 10 girls the tank never cycled and I still had to change out water every other day and keep an eye on the ammonia level

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