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single better in large 30gal (120l or 3ft) tank probems

ok i got a tank and its et up with 10 or so plants as well under ground filters. 1stly as thi stank is new and i don't have plant weigt a lot of teh plant is floaing on surface how ever 1half of teh tank (till i ran out of weights) is free from plant on surface.

ok problems is will teh boubling of teh under ground filter annoy the betta which has a directional out put?

I casn't get him to take any food i tried those small pellets twice once when he was near 2 them. Is ther ejust to match tank to find them. Is there any other food that is more potent and easyier to find.

Also i got the most beutiful yellow betta from the pet store 1st one ive ever seen how rare are they?

do istill need to do 20%-30% water change weekly as this is 25-35L and we are in drought.

as i love my plant am i wise t get a c02 dispenser system or is taht bad for a betta as he brethes from the top. my lid is acrylic and has 2 hle either end for the hang on style of filters which i got rid of.
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So the bubbles- I would keep an eye on the betta, they don't do well in a lot of current. I'm not sure how much bubbling and current you have- if he gets depressed, and his tail gets torn up and he keeps it clamped to his body all the time, it may be a problem with the amount of water movement

Food: my betta is picky too, and often only eats every other feeding. I've found he likes shrimp (pellets) and blood worms (freeze dried) much more than the betta pellets so I usually give them every few days as a 'treat'. You also may try asking the store what they were feeding him: it sometimes takes the bettas awhile to adjust to new food. Oh, and try to feed only when hes at the top, right near where you put them, then you'll know he knows they're there.

If you are concerned about water changes, get a test kit (you should be testing ammonia, nitrites and nitrates weekly) If you keep an eye on your levels, you can do water changes only when they get too high (i'm not sure what the recommended 'too high' is for nitrates w/ a betta though- 10-20ppm probably)

Good Luck
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