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I feed him two pellets in the morning and two in the evening every day, and fast him every sunday. (I'm pretty sure they're standard size, very small... I forget the brand.. I used to feed him Wardley Betta Food but those were a pain because they were too big for him to swallow, so I had to soak them and cut them in quarters lol)

Every other day I switch to feeding him two or three (depending on size) freeze dried bloodworms instead as his dinner. A general guide I've been told by numerous people to use is to feed about the size of his eye, because that's about the size of his stomach. So I think I'm feeding him well?

I remove "uneaten food" because he won't eat food that falls. Although his food is supposed to float, he typically spits it out once or twice then swallows it (if you watch carefully, he spits out smaller pieces, until it's all gone.. he also has done this with flake food). But the pieces sometimes sink to the bottom. He refuses to eat anything that isn't right at the top of his water... he's a very picky fish Lol.

I always let his water sit a full 24 hours in a similar container before using it btw when I do water changes. It sits right next to his cube on top of the heater so it becomes the same temperature, and then I use a water conditioner...
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Sounds good :) I have that problem with NLS and one of my older guys.. tends to knock it down before he gets it, so I get it. Yeah, suck the extra up that drops.

Sounds like you're doing good with aging the water. Temps should be good. If you want to test ph you can get a test kit. Test it right out of the tap, after 24, 48, 72 and 96 hours. It's being picky but imho if you're having to do 100% changes so often it's good to know what your'e dealing with. Just have to run this test once, then you'll know how long until the ph stabilizes for sure. Chances are the day age is perfect, unless you're really unlucky like the insanity I deal with trying to make sure his ph doesn't swing, and if he acts stressed after a change and temp doesn't change it's definitely worth a test.

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Alright, sounds good to me :) thank you thank you thank you!

OH. Btw. I found what the difference is between BettaFix and PimaFix! idk if it interests you, but I thought it was worth a read. I found it right here.

I also think that since I had a little bit of BettaFix still in the water, and added the PimaFix today, is probably why it appears to have cleared up so quickly, though I doubt it's a permanent thing. I'll 100% change his water tomorrow to see if I can keep him clear of it though :)
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