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Question Did I mess up my cycle?

The filters and heaters in both of my ten gallon tanks were off for about 9-10 hours while I was moving on Saturday. I drained the tanks till there was about 1/3 water left in them but because of how long the move took I think I may have messed up my cycle.

Would all the bacteria have died during this or do you think I'm okay? I really should have made a thread prior to moving about the best way to do this but alas I did not. I don't have a ammonia test kit so I just want to know if I should be upping my water changes for awhile incase my tank goes through a mini cycle or if you think it will be okay?

(one 10 gal houses 1 Betta, the other is a split tank that two share, so the bioloads are relatively low, both tanks have live plants)

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The bacteria will be fine, provided the filter media remained wet. If it dried out, then it will be dead.

How old are these tanks? In an established aquarium (6+ months) most of the bacteria is actually elsewhere in the aquarium (especially the substrate) than in the filter media.

Live plants out compete bacteria for ammonia in the first place, which is why a fully planted tank does not need to be cycled. Fully planted means lots of plants, not just a couple.

I would strongly recommend a test kit, it is a good idea to test weekly to ensure everything is working out well. You can take a water sample to a pet store for a free test (Petsmart & Petco do for sure). The API Master Test Kit can be bought off Amazon for $25. Expect $32-35 in a retail store.
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