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You are correct jC, my apologies.. sometimes the more you see this, the more frustrating it becomes and we don't always bite our tongues quick enough.

Originally Posted by jterrero View Post
Thanks, so far so good, today I started adding water.

Fry are in 10 gallon tank which was down to 2.5 inches of water, today I added an inch and a half. Tomorrow I will add another inch and will continue to do so until the tank is full..

I have sponge filter going in a separate tank which ill introduce to this tank once its full

and fry have been eating well, I'm feeding them BBS twice a day. My only issue so far is the tank being dirty, I scooped out some of the scum and its a bit clearer, but the bottom of the tank is pretty dirty.

So far I have lost 3 fry from what I've been able to count
BBS can be quite dirty.. I would look into other fry foods- as some say feeding BBS too early and too much can cause health problems. Infusoria tends to be what you would want to feed for the first few days of their lives.. usually takes up to a month to get a good culture of it going. Sometimes live plants can help deliver infusoria.
Microworms are also good to feed before BBS, as they are smaller.. usually takes a week or two to culture properly.
I would also feed a little more then two times a day- small meals throughout the day is

Since it's too late to start all of that now, in the future I would get those two going along with the BBS. Proper/good nutrition is vital with brand new fry.

After every meal you should clean out the tank with a turkey baster.. as water quality is very important, and even just a tiny bit improper will affect the fry- health, growth, etc. Cleaner then average water is a must with fry.

I suggest reading the stickies at the top, as they have the basic care listed for fry from a very knowledgeable and experienced breeder.. here is just a bit about cleaning the tank since you are saying it is dirty:
Like adults betta fry require lots of clean water. Betta fry require even cleaner than average water to avoid disease outbreaks and growth stunts. The larger fry will produce a hormone that stunts the growth of the other fry…the only way to get rid of this hormone is to clean your tank often.
For the first week or so work on dripping water slowly into your tank. Once it’s full you can start water changes.
For water changes on your first spawn I recommend either using a turkey baster or airline tubing siphon with an airstone on the end. The latter will completely avoid sucking up fry but will remove nasty, stunt hormone filled water. I recommend removing 25%-50% of the water with each water change and drip the water back into the tank. As you gain experience you can find what works best for you. Like now a days I just drain the water until just a little bit is covering the heater and then drip water into the tank. But for a first spawn just stick with small water changes until you get comfortable.

Keep us updated :)

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