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Betta Buddies

I've been doing some reading on here and want to get something to go in with my two guys. From what I've gathered cory catfish or little shrimps would be good friends. I was told at my lfs that a betta would absoultely go on little shrimps. any advice?
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What size tank, filter, live plants and to understand-this is a divided tank with 2 adult male Bettas already- correct.....
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not a divided tank, two seperate 3gals. No live plants, heated with plenty hiding spots.
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For three gallons, with a filter you can try a couple shrimps.. but would be advisable to have live plants in there for them to have food and smaller cover as a lot of bettas will like to use them, or parts of them, as a snack if there isn't dense plant coverage on the bottom. Java fern, Anubias are easy, low maintenance plants. You wouldn't want to add in cories in anything under 10 gallons.. as the bio load would be too large, and cories do better in schools of 3+.

For shrimp care, I would wait for OFL to come back, as she will know more about their proper care.. I don't keep shrimp as I know they wouldn't last with any of mine.
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Shrimp will do well as long as you have enough of them, and enough hiding places. They will learn pretty quickly if your betta is a shrimp-murderer and hide. Give them small caves (too small for your bettas), live plants and java moss, in great abundance and they'll have a pretty good chance of making it through. :) I prefer cherry shrimp to ghost shrimp as they are prettier and breed pretty darn easily. :)
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