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your ammonia is way to high. id say give him a complete water change and add wtaer conditioner. if he spits out his food and then may be too big.
p.s. i'd say get a new tank. they say bowls are ok but i dont reccomendthem. they dont have a fiter aor heater. i say you should get the AQUEON BETTABOW 2.5 GALLON AQUARIUM.(30.00 max. maybe less!! ) its one of the best. with the food, maybe find the smaller big is he?? if he is small the pellets, flackes and bloodworms may be too big. i know bloodworms are quite large. find small betta food. try that!
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Originally Posted by Oldfishlady View Post
I have heard that too, however, I can't find anything to support that information and from my understanding...once it is bound-its bound.....

I wouldn't base your ammonia reading on last years numbers.....also, chloramine is a form of ammonia.....

It may be temp related-do you have a thermometer so you can check the water temp, does the tank have a heater.......some Bettas can be more sensitive to temp than others especially when stressed already.....
I emailed the company and asked them about Prime and this was their reply:
Thank you for the email. Prime will hold keep ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate detoxified for 24-48 hours. This amount of time should be plenty enough for the biological filter to remove the toxins from your water, however, since you do not have a filter, it will more than likely be re-released after 48 hours. I would recommend adding 2 drops of Prime every 24-48 hours in order to keep the ammonia detoxified and your betta safe from toxicity.

so I've been adding Prime as needed. My fish is still hiding a lot, doesn't seem to want to eat, but he perked up a litttle after I added the Prime so we'll see!
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Sena Hansler
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Good to hear!! I found with 1-2 gallons at least every 2 days needs to be cleaned anyways, to keep ammonia down. Trust me, all my bettas came from anywhere between .25 to 1.0 ammonia levels, from the bowls (cups for others, but here they use bowls). Don't expect him to be too excited yet, he is fairly new it'll take time for him to get used to everything.

Wish you luck!
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