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Tetra Whisper Internal Filter and Live Plants...

Hi everyone. I read somewhere that the cartrages for the Whispers were bad for live plants because the carbon takes out all the nutrition for the plants. Is this true? If so, would I be able to just use a filter sponge in the filter instead? I'd rather not have to take the filter back if I don't have to.

Thanks for your help!
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It is best not to use carbon with live plants since it can remove some of the nutrients, however, once the carbon is used up-usually in about 3-4 weeks depending of the amount/quality of the carbon itself-you can either leave it or remove it all together-either way is fine....

If the filter media is the combined type...sponge with the carbon all in one piece-you can cut a small slit in the sponge and dump the carbon out and keep the sponge in the filter or just leave the carbon-it won't hurt and it will provide more surface area for good bacteria to colonize on.....

I would remove the filter cartridge a couple of times a month and give it a good swish/rinse in the bucket of old tank water with a water change to get the big pieces of gunk off to help maintain good water flow for the good bacteria-its sticky and adheres to everything so you won't wash it off-but chlorinated water can kill it and why you want to use dechlorinated water or old tank water......
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thanks for asking the question, Foisair & thanks for answering, OFL! I came here looking for the same answer and luckily it was just asked today.
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What if you use something like Seachem's Equilibrium?

I have RO water and am thinking about adding some moss balls...
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Hey guys so I own a 2.5 gallon tank with a heater and the whisperi3 filter system. I've had it only a few weeks now. During my recent readings of this site I. Came across a convo about spring water and how it dosnt have the same minerals and fauset water. id been using spring water since our fauset water seems to have a lot of chlorine. I recently did a 75%water change as I do every four day and added one gallon of spring water and a half gallon of fauset water mixed with tetra aqua safe (dechlorinates & conditions= removes dangerous metals & chlorine+ replenishes protective slime coat=slime colloides reduces stress & protectes gills & delicate memberanes & also helps heal wounds+it adds essential vitamins& minerals .I added 4_5 drops for 1.5 gallons.=2.5 gallon tank. I just had to tell u guys wow he's so much move active and happy& I appsolutly love this product. I have the 3.38oz bottle it was around 4.00$. Tha
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