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Getting sick or just bored?

Ok, Ghoul is starting to worry me.

For about 2 days now he keeps staying 80% of the time in a corner (the same one), and he's lethargic (right now I had to tap on the glass to get movement out of him).

He doesn't show physical signs that something might be wrong, plus he does patrol the tank (or parts of it) from time to time. After that, he just comes back to this corner. This corner is part of a side where I have another aquarium with vivid fish in it (Guppy males and Lich, the Betta that I salvaged the other day). At first I though he's sad because he wants to play too, but he doesn't patrol the whole side, he just sits in that corner so I'm not sure.

Not sure what could be wrong and I have no water testing kit at the moment sadly. What I can say is that the tank went through a 100% water change yesterday (this problem started happening before that, so I don't think the change is what's doing it). Basically, he doesn't seem to be happy. I'm looking at videos of beautiful Betta males and I see them running around, and Ghoul moves like he's a man in his eighties.

He does eat, if that helps.

PS: He sits in a top corner, not bottom. Water temperature is constant at 78-79

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Fish don't read forums, do they?
Reason I'm asking such an absurd question is because not half an hour had passed since I started this thread and he started patrolling the tank. He does ocasionally come back to that damn corner, but he seems to be active and responds to me getting closer to the glass. Could this be it? Could he just want a little more action? There is not much movement in the room usually, and I keep the tank to the room's lighting all day long, no special light.. he's active but I'm sure he's missing something, just not sure what. He doesn't even flare at his own reflection on the glass :(
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A few big is the tank, filter, live plants, additives used, what are the regular water change schedule-how much and how often, how long have you had him...appetite is good-water temp stable at 78-79F.....

Since this is a top dwelling species and the male once mature stakes territory-patrolling on occasion to seek food, builds a nest at the surface-waiting on a female to come him staying in one area wouldn't be uncommon based on species profile IMO/E....

Sometimes they can become more inactive or limit activity due to a filter and if water quality or temp is an issue that is causing stress....but it sounds like water quality isn't a problem since you just made a water change and used the proper amount of dechlorinator with like temp water as well as temp being good.....

Can you post a pic....
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Thank you for your response

- I keep him in a 3g tank.
- No live plants. Just gravel, a cave and some driftwood
- No filter.
I do a 50% change midweek and 100% every weekend.
I've only had him for 2 weeks though.

Truth be told, I only bought him a heater on saturday, so the temperature was not constant for 2 weeks, but never dropped under 72-73.
He seems to be more active now. Still doesn't "run" like crazy, but heck, he's not a Guppy :D

I started to get scared two days ago because he was sitting right in the corner, not just around it. He was at a 45 degree angle to the sides, with his nose right in there, in the corner, and he didn't move at all for hours. He did this for over a day.

Can't take a picture for now (no camera around) but will be sure to take one as soon as possible.
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