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Question Breeding Betas... HELP!

I am new at breeding and read everything about it on the internet before beginning. Our male beta we had almost 4 years died and we bought a new one. Meanwhile already having a female in our 10 gal tank with other fishies. She now has a protruding white dot under her and looked up what it was. So my daughter and I set up his tank with a jar inside with the female in it. He was not making a nest until I put a cut styrophome cup in the corner. He will come out from under it to showoff to the female and return under it. Now he as become obsessed with trying to build his bubble nest but the bubbles keep poppping!! He has been at it for 24 hours! Consistantly coming out to show off and return to his duties! If someone could help that would be great!

P.S. I have no filter system in the tank, water temp is in the 70's and plastic plants are in tank with one past the top of the water.

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The temp should be around 80 to 85 degrees. Have you added any tannins into the water? They help the bubble nest stay together. BTW, you should have put this post under breeding bettas, you would probably get more answers that way.
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I just registered and learning how to navigate. I will try upping the temp in the tank. My last beta male did perfect in that temp and always made bubble nests.
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She needs to stay separate for at least a week - I keep them separate for 2 weeks like that (only I use a divider or pitcher so she has more room). He may just be blowing bubbles to show off, or hasn't mastered his bubble nest skills yet. I've seen males blow false nests before and then a week later have a real nest ready to go.
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Ok. that is probly whats going on. My female is in a chimney in the breeding tank with him. And every time he goes out to see her he flares up and goes crazy and swims right back to "nest" and starts blowing again
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