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how to maintain proper pH?

Hi everyone,

I've a 2.5 gal acrylic bowl that is filled with 2 gals of water, small heater, 2 silk plants, glass beads on the bottom, and a male crowntail betta.

When I do a water change (100% weekly), the pH is always very low. After the water change, it's normal.

I don't have a filter.

The acid is eating away his little fringies, poor thing, and his tail is splitting.

How do I take care of this problem so he'll grow back to his former splendor?

At the moment, I use the chemical test for pH. In the past, I used the master test strips that test all conditions. The only ones ever out of wack were the pH and alkalinity.

What to do?


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As for the teststrips, get a master liquid test kit. The test strips are very ubnreliable and near enough useless. Most master kits test for amonia, nitrite, nitrate and ph which is all you need.

You should definitely stop doing 100% water chages. Since you have no filter try a 10% water change every day or 20% ever second day. The 100% water change will severely atress the fish out.

Because you are doing 100% water changes your bowl isn't being allowed to cycle so there will most likely be amonia, nitrite etc present which could cause thge tail to rot.

To heal the tail keep up the frequent small water changes that I mentioned and you can add melafix if you like to help speed up recovery. Bettas are sensitive to melafix so add 1/5 of the recommended dose.

In the long term I'd recommend upgrading your tank to a 5g tank minimum, 10g even better and get a small filter that's not too strong (strong currents can stress bettas) which would make him much happier and healthier long term. Small tanks and bowls don't make for happy bettas in the long term. Bowls especially are bad because the shape of them doesn't give a lot of surface area allowing the betta to breathe, ehich is necessary since they are anabantids.

HTH :)
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Old 11-27-2007, 05:52 PM   #3 
Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: North Carolina

I had an old, ugly, but serviceable 5 gal. tank in the garage, which is now cycling. I ordered a sponge filter and a master test kit online, still waiting for them to be delivered.

I've been doing the small water changes. Fishie seems happy and active. Got some other stuff growing in there now, but I posted in the Fish Diseases forum for help.

I'm hoping to move him in the better digs soon!

Thanks for this awesome forum. I've learned so much.
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