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Help! My Betta won't eat!

I've had my Betta (Sir Marbles the Third as he is my third Betta) for almost a week. I got him on Sunday of last week. I have not used flakes for any of my previous Bettas and I usually use the pellets, but the flakes were all we could find in the pet store. They have freeze-dried shrimp included in them, but the shrimp is all my Betta will eat (and he won't even eat them sometimes!) I do feed him once a day, but he never seems very eager to eat the food. Does anyone know how I could help get him to eat? :)
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What size is the tank, what is the temperature, how often do you clean the water and what percentage do you change? :) Water that is too cold or dirty will make bettas lethargic and unwilling to eat.

Get pellets as soon as you can. The flakes aren't usually full of all the goodness bettas need. The pelllets may tempt him to eat. :) You need to wean him of his all-shrimp diet as it isn't good for him.
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