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Algae Problem???

my statistics
5 gallon tank
5 pellets daily
big rock
1 plant(live)
1 betta
5 danios.
water change 50% weekly

my rock is sometimes completley covered. then i wash it off and it recover sagia nwithin 2 weeks or so.
is Algae bad for bettas?? And how would iget rid of it? is it my plant?

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Is your tank cycled? You could get some live plants or small algae eaters (like shrimp) to help control the amount of algae. I'm no algae expert, but the one thing I'm sure about is that moss balls are great for algae control and they require little care. A lot of people have them.
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..Sadly, algae is going to be the least of your worries in your tank......

We first need to find out what kind of algae to help you know how to fix the problem....

In a 5gal filtered tank-the Danios along with the Betta-you are way over stocked and this may be part of the reason you are having algae problems.

Danios need a lot more swimming space-IMO/E the smallest tank for a proper school would be 20gal-long being best......when stocking a tank it is important to stock based on-adult size-not current size, social needs, swimming needs, territory, compatibility, chemistry and temp needs....

Keeping 5 Danios in a 5gal tank long term isn't much different than keeping a Betta in one of the small temporary cups long term....yes, they may survive but may not thrive-the stress from improper keeping alone can compromise immune response and its just a matter of time before you start to see other issues beside algae and water quality problems.....

What species of live plant, type of lights, age of bulb, kelvin, watts and photoperiod....what kind of substrate and how deep

How long has the tank been setup, is the tank cycled, do you have water pram numbers for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH-if so, what type of test products used.

What kind of filter, type of filter media and how do you maintain the filter and filter media....

Can you post a pic of the algae.....

At this point I would-either look at getting a bigger tank or re-home the danios-until then-increase the water changes to 50% twice weekly with vacuum and manually removing the algae.....

Good luck.....
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