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Congratulations on seeing nitrites go up--sounds like it's working! Also funny that your latest tank and my husband have the same birthday (Feb 28), especially in light of the BlueStar coincidence.

Sounds like you really love animals. My son has a natural way with animals as well. I'm eager to tell him about the Indian method of naming your rescue dog. Our Blue Star was most definitely depressed and tired (he was living in a pint-sized container in a pet store!) and he's a crowntail, so his fins have a starburst look to them (maybe like Fancy Dan's?). He's also blue, which of course is why my son chose that, but he'll be thrilled to hear of another meaning.

We would love to have more pets, but it's tough to do in NYC. The dog we had was from a shelter and had clearly been abused previously (apparent broken nose--poor guy). We loved him so dearly, but he was very anxious and tried to bite when we tried to leave--even to take out the trash. He broke skin on us a couple of times but only ever out of anxiety. My son fed him one Cheerio at a time when he was about 10 months old; they were pals, but we had to part ways when he started actually snapping at my baby boy.

Speaking of... he's home from school now... thanks again!
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It's a small world after all since we ran into so many coincidences. Give the hubby a happy birthday wish from me. I was born 41 days and many, many moon years before him :).

Have had a lot of animals in my life time. I named a dog Angel, but my mother convinced me to change it to Troubles so he lived up to that name till the very end. From there I had her help name my crews. After Mom passed I named a pregnant donkey Angel and she did live up to it. Her friend (6mo old white mule) in case she wasn't pregnant I named Holy hoping she would live up to it, but that's had to be changed to Holy Terror :). So from there everything just about got named the Indian way except for those I wanted to rhyme.
Indian way cats: Lefty, Righty, Shadow, Little Sister, Wild Thing, Ringo.
Rhyme way cats: Sweety, Tweety, Tig, Sig.

Yes Fancy Dan's tail is like that since he is a crowntail, but he was in such sad shape when I got him I didn't think he would live. More or less brought him home to die in peace, but he's made it and loves to show his fancy tail. I'm really tired of changing their water so often, but they don't need to suffer any more damage in life like being in the tank while cycling it. So it isn't easy waiting this out, but at least the other 3 won't take as long to get going right.

I grew up in the military, but we always had a dog, cat and bird that took the long car rides to different stations (Maryland to El Paso, Tx.) or camping. Hesson we got in Germany so he had to fly in a cargo hole home which scared me highly as a kid. I've also lived in city's so I know what you mean.

You did right in finding the dog another home since you had a toddler. Biting issues can sometimes be corrected in a few months and others take years, yet even that amount of time is too long with a toddler around to chance. And if the underlying reason is the dog was born still and brought to life, if the wrong part of the brain lacked oxygen then it's a problem that may never be able to be solved.

The only dog I took in I had to find another home for, I got while living in the country and when we moved to the city he wasn't as happy even with a big fenced yard since he loved to run. Living in the outskirts of the city the local shelter did say people from the country came to find dogs there so I put him in it with the understanding I wanted him back if he wasn't adopted fast since that put him in a cage. He was a real smart dog, but not very pretty, and as luck had it in 3 days someone from the country adopted him. Was hard giving him up, but was even harder watching him try to play like he was happy for my sake. Peeping out the window is how I found the truth, yet being smart it didn't take him long to know I was watching. LOL my city dogs had no problem becoming country dogs except they lacked knowing the dangers of running off, so I tried my best to keep them in big pens.
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