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New fish not eating

My mom recently got a new fish from Petco. He seems youngish and pretty interactive, and one of the more healthy ones there.

But when we brought him home he wouldn't eat. We figured it was just because it was new environment so we gave it a few days, and tried several different food kinds and brands.

It's been two weeks now and he still doesn't seem to eat. He'll see the food and either just ignore it, or go to eat it and spit it back out. It's like this with all the food we've tried, which has been about 5 different brands/kinds (flakes, pellets, brine shrimp...)

But he's active! He interacts with you and his environment, swims around chipperly, and doesn't spend any certain amount of time on the bottom or top of his tank (3ish gallons). His fins are fine, and doesn't look like he has any fungus. He just seems to be acting like a healthy fish, just not eating.

What should we do? Should we just look into a better quality food?

That's him from the second day we had him, if that helps at all.

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Please fill out the guide in the sticky titled please.fill out as many questions as you can..

Also have you tried new life spectrum Betta pellets?
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I've had this problem with a few of my bettas when I first got them. If your tank isn't cycled make sure you're keeping the ammonia down with water changes. They also will refuse food if your tank has too much current (from filter or airstones) or is unheated. If all else is in check, looks for signs of internal parasites.
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I have yet to have a new boy or girl turn up their nose at frozen bloodworms (not freeze dried). But filling out the sticky might help us pick up something else.
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food, not eating

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