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A few quick questions

So I have a few quick questions for all the experienced breeders.
While I have a spawn log it does not get a lot of traffic so I determined it would be better to ask here. Forgive me if you dislike the thread creation.

So I am a brand new breeder and my first spawn is in the process. Both male and female are in the breeding tank.
The male blew a few bubbles starting a nest then ignored it, flared at her in her vase(when I was doing the introduction to the tank). He then continued to do such, flare at her dance, blow a few bubbles, etc.

I watched her dance back at him, but not really flare.
I decided to give it a go and place her into the tank with him and remove her vase. Since then he has continued to flare and chase her with brakes in between. He is being extremely gently actually, he hasn't nipped her once. All she does is "run" at this point, he hasn't blown anything more than maybe 5 bubbles.

The questions are.
Is it normal/alright that he hasn't blown a nest yet? Will he eventually, or is he just too focused on showing off for her, and not blowing the nest?

Is it alright that all she does is run? Will she grow to be interested in him again? (she was flirting in her vase)

How long should I leave them like this if he doesn't start a bubblenest up? I was thinking of giving them the night to evaluate it.

As I said this is my first spawn, and while being impatiently patient, I don't want to have two bettas in my spawning tank that have no interest in each other/in breeding.
I have a couple other pairs I have been conditioning, and will continue preparing them just in case.
I know breeding can take up to a week before they deed is started and done.
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Some males are too lazy to blow bubble nests. I had quite a few through the years. But if they're actively healthy, they should care for the eggs like other good daddies. Don't worry about the nest. They don't really need it.

As long as her color is still vibrant. Some females may lose the bars while others may show them for days. Further as long as the male isn't beating her up too badly, they should be fine. They should come round to embracing.

I usually give them a week or so. Sometimes I determine when to take them out by looking at the male - if he is too tired, slower and less active, I'd take them out. But if he is as they first started, I let them be. Most of the time, depending the female's condition.
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I agree with Indjo...sometimes you just have to give them might try adding a cupped male for 5 min or so and let them fight through the partition....sometimes this will help....I had this one male that would not spawn until the light are turned I turned them off during the day and left them off....spawned right

What are you using for the nesting site.....if you have either IAL or Oak leaf-let a dry one float....great for nest...

If you have access to mosquito larva....gather some and feed them together....mass amount....this will get them in the mood pretty fast.....instinct tells them more food-time to reproduce....

What I have found with breeding got to play around with different things to find the breeding triggers for that particular fish....

Good luck....
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I am using IAL and lots of live plants in the tank, so he has lots of options for a nesting site.
The situation is unchanged as of this morning. No bubblenest, the female does nothing but run. Both of them still look in near perfect condition though.

I will try cupping another male here in an hour or two.
I have also read cupping a second female may cause the female to show interest.
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There is no one way to breed bettas. You need to find out what works for you and your fish and go with it. Some bettas are very gentle and others are very vicous. You never know until you try.
I wish you the best of luck with your spawning.
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